What causes bad hair transplant surgeries?

I agree he got a really good result so if he went to a different surgeon maybe he would get a bad result. So if he had a bad result, would it be because of the surgeon’s crappy artistic skills? or the patients hair quality? or is it because of the technicians that plant the follicles? What’s the most common reason why people sometimes get not very good looking transplant?

Surgical failures come in many flavors: (1) the patients not establishing realistic expectations with his surgeon’s communication skills, (2) poor surgical planning (just targeting # of grafts that don’t fit into a patient’s Master Plan, (3) surgeons who do it for the $$ and never learned the art and technique through proper training, (4) over-hyped marketing to set unrealistic expectations on all hair transplant buyers, (5) unskilled surgeon, (6) lack of experience and disciplined team with a focus on quality control, (7) surgeries that last too long leaving the grafts out of the body too long, (8) Grafts that are traumatized at any point from the time they are taken out of the body until they are put back into the recipient site and this includes poor placement of the grafts, (9) poor site making by the surgeon producing hair that points in the wrong direction, (10) Poor post operative protocols resulting in loss of grafts, infection from poor techniques, (11) poor patient selection as patients may have diseases that will kill some or all of the transplanted grafts, or the patient doesn’t have the quality or quantity of hair needed to address the bald area. Bad doctors (there are a few) just care about making money so they do hair transplants because they get paid up-front. For these rotten applies, there is motive to take responsibility for these unfortunate patients.

There are unique problems with FUE including poor harvesting distribution and too much graft damage when grafts are removed. Poor distribution can produce balding in the donor area or necrosis in the donor area (see here: https://baldingblog.com/collection-victim-photos-internet-harvested-depleted-donor-areas/). There are also unique problems with strip surgeries in the hands of inexperienced surgeons including wound problems, nerve damage, bleeding, AV malformations (both FUE and Strip surgeries) and poor planning or improper placement for the location of the strip or taking out too wide a strip to produce increased scarring and even infection and necrosis.

I can write a book about this question, but I will stop here.

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