Why don’t rich bald men get hair transplants?

So this thought popped in my head while a picture of Harvey Weinstein popped up on my news feed. The guy is rich as hell. Being in the entertainment industry he must have access to the finest cosmetic surgeons. Why the hell do people like this opt not to get a hair transplant? Same goes for other rich folk. Maybe they just dont need to since they are incredibly rich and it simply doesnt matter how they look. But seeing stuff like that makes me doubt that hair transplants are not quite as advanced as people claim them to be or the success rate isnt that high. I am probably over thinking it…could be a million reasons why. All I know is if I had the money I’d get the best damn hair transplant, lock myself in my big ass mansion until the scaring went away and I was presentable then just reappear to the public with a head full of locks.

There are many reasons for this, such as: (1) these people accept their hair loss and are not interested in doing anything about it, (2) They are afraid of facing their vanity, a hair transplant will make it evident if before pictures are public (a CEO of a billion $ company had a lazy marketing person take an old photo when he was bald and post it by mistake on the company’s newsletter then people came to him and asked him where the hair came from?), (3) some people don’t like the idea of a surgery, (4) the old stereotypes of plugs still prevail and some people think that a hair transplant sticks out like a sore thumb.
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