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I don’t know if you have heard of Dr. Richard Lee from Regrowth LLC (www.minoxidil.com) but apparantly the FDA shut him down for selling what they consider ‘dangerous and illegal drugs’ aka: his Xandrox Line of specialty Minoxidil Products. I wonder how he could be forced out of business since he is a medical doctor, and correct me if I am wrong, but can prescribe drugs for off label usage. And why after 25 years of doing this they all of a sudden come after him???

What is your opinion on this and do you think it is the shape of things to come with regards to the FDA cracking down on buying drugs online or do you think that the makers of Rogaine saw him as a threat and applied pressure on the FDA to shut him down? (Conspiracy theory thinking I know! LOL)

Just curious as there are other MD’s doing the same thing as he did and yet they haven’t been touched…yet..Knock on wood!

Personally I think the FDA, in this particular case, are doing the public (balding men in general) a huge disservice because I believe thousands of patients relied on his products to keep their hair.

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FDAI believe the issues the FDA had are with claims that Dr. Lee made about his products. Claims are under FDA control and every claim has to be backed up with good science, effectiveness, and safety testing. I think that playing by the rules just serves the public, helping to limit false representations and scams which are on the internet by the bucket full. Just because a doctor says it is legal, does not necessarily mean it is.

Minoxidil in itself is available in generic form, so I’m not sure the makers of the name brand Rogaine would make a stink about Dr. Lee selling it. Perhaps it had something to do with mixing prescription finasteride into a topical and selling it online? Perhaps it was the other ingredients and the claims attached that the FDA didn’t like? I have no idea. The shutdown isn’t a total shocker to me though, as I even mentioned that I thought there was a violation of the FDA rules well over 2 years ago (see here).

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