I’m a 16 and half year old guy. i started losing my hair since i was 13. (i was overweight and i used not to eat much) which affected me badly afterwards. i lost much hair, but i can say it has stopped. i went to several doctors and dermatologists they say that it’s hereditary (we have many bald men in our family. especially mom’s family).

it’s something that is bothering me all the time and makes me cry alot. i have nothing else to do but to undergo a hair transplant. i searched alot on the internet about that and i read a question on BaldingBlog.Com from another 16 year old guy facing the same problem of mine who wants a hair transplant too. but the doctor told him that he’s too young for a hair transplant.

My only question is … is it too risky for me to have a hair transplant ? or Why can’t i have a hair transplant at this age or at 17 ? … I think it’s the only way to get my hair back. because i’m tired of using Minoxidil and someproducts that won’t help me to get at least 90% of my hair back or something.

I’m really sorry for distrubance … but i feel hopeless about my hair.and Thanks in-advance.

Here are some basic questions you should answer before considering a hair transplant:

  1. What do you expect to get from a hair transplant?
  2. Do you really know what a hair transplant can and can not do?
  3. If you are receding or thinning, did you get your hair mapped out for miniaturization to determine if you are really balding?
  4. If so, are you being managed by a competent, caring doctor?
  5. Are you on medications?
  6. What is the Master Plan you (or even better, your doctor) has in mind for you?

At 17 years old, you can not know much about the subject if you think that a hair transplant will solve your problem. Hair loss at 17 is at the beginning of a lifelong process and you simply can not know what type of pattern you will develop until it shows with miniaturization and/or recession/balding. You really need to develop a Master Plan before you consider doing anything. Get a good local doctor to evaluate you and start to get smarter and more educated about this.

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Hypothetical situation:

Man #1: A man with MPB and Norwood 4 hair is taking Propecia for a year and experiences significant hair regrowth (let’s says 90% of the hair he originally lost).

Man #2: A man with MPB and Norwood 4 hair is taking Propecia for a year and experiences only a halting of the hairloss and NO regrowth of the hair he lost.

Based on these two situations, which man would have a better chance at preventing further hairloss in the next 2-3 years? One halted the hairloss and regrew hair, the other man only halted it.


Is this a trick question?

I would say Man #1 since he grew back 90% of the hair. Even if he lost more hair in the next 2 to 3 years he would still be ahead of Man #2, but I don’t think that is what you are asking. In reality there is no way to predict hair loss. It is mostly in the genes. Some people may have drastic hair loss at a certain age just because they were meant to as it was written in their genetic makeup.

To put it another way, you cannot predict when Man #1 or Man #2 will die just because they lived healthy lives.

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Can Tetracycline and or Tazoric/Differin facial cream (for acne) cause hair loss? I am a 21 year old male and I have been losing hair quite rapidly, got tested for thyroid disease and low iron and my tests came out fine. I was wondering if these medications are used long term (2-3 years or longer) can they cause hair loss? There are people in my family with MPB but they all started baldling later in life (40s or later). Thank you so much for your time doctor! Hope to hear from you soon.

While hair loss is not listed as a side effect on the documentation for tetracycline, Tazorac (tazarotene), or Differin (adapalene), there are some unconfirmed reports about hair loss and Differin that I found on a message board. Take this for what you will. Once again, these are unconfirmed reports.

The most common cause of hair loss in males is genetic hair loss. If you are concerned about genetic hair loss, you need to see a doctor who can examine your hair under a microscope (miniaturization study) and assess the pattern at which you are losing your hair. There are medical and/or surgical options.

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I purchased 5% Minoxidil from Costco and on the side of the box it explains that Minoxidil is only intended for the top of the scalp ( vertex only ) and will not work for receding hairlines or on the front of the forehead – is this true ?

I don’t have a problem with the top of my forehead or the back. I have receding hair line. If it is true, can you recommend what I could use to regrow hair for receding hair lines ?? I appreciate your help, thanks

The claims for minoxidil reflect the approved study that was submitted to get the product to market through the FDA. I am certain that minoxidil works on skin (best in the crown), but it even works on the face of women, putting hair where there was none before. Minoxidil is not my #1 choice for men with genetic balding. My preference is to treat the cause of the balding with a DHT blocker (finasteride).

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i have read the finasteride studies for alopecia. in the pre-clinical study, 0.25mg of finasteride was shown to reduce DHT at the same rate as 1mg. when the clinical studies were done, the dosage used was 1mg. less than that was never looked at with regard to actual clinical outcome. what is your opinion on extrapolating this info to clinically use 0.25mg per day? the purpose of this would be to get efficacy and reduce potential longer term complications. thanks.

I spoke with Dr. David Whiting, an expert on Propecia, some time ago and he informed me that finasteride 1mg and greater has equal value. A dose of 0.5mg is 80 percent as effective and a dose of 0.25 is less effective again. There is value at the lower dose, but if there are no side effects, taking less than the best optimal dose has no basis.

I’ve answered a similar question here — 0.2mg of Finasteride is Almost As Effective as 1mg?

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How long will it be before Merck’s patent on Propecia expires? Obviously its Proscar patent expired a while ago, and since it is the same drug, one would think that Propecia would soon follow. Thoughts?

Merck still holds a process patent on 1mg finasteride. This is why generic 5mg (used to treat prostate problems) is available, but there is no legal generic 1mg. I seem to recall that they have more than 5 years still left on it. You can check out this past post for more info — Merck’s Drug Patent on Propecia Expiring?

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I was wondering if there is a way I can treat my impulse in picking out my scabs from my scalp. I am starting to develop bald spots in the front area of my hair. Other than that, I have lots of hair, and don’t think that my hair will ever thin. Also, if I stop picking at my scabs, will the hair ever grow again at the aformentioned bald spots? Or will I have to use aids like propecia, if they would be of any help?

Thank you

You describe a condition known as trichotillomania. It is a sort of obsessive-compulsive disorder and there may be help. But first, you need to see a doctor who can diagnose you and manage your obsessive behavior, one step at a time.

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In the November 5th issue of TIME Magazine there is an interesting article titled ‘The Bald Truth‘, which talks despairingly about the absence of a full head of hair for a presidential candidate. Not since Dwight Eisenhower in the 1950s and Martin Van Buren in 1836 has any bald man been elected to be president of the United States.

From the article — “The country’s most prolifically failed presidential candidate, Harold Stassen, ran nine times, and in many of those elections he wore a toupee so alarming that the Washington Post thought it resembled a ‘sullen possum that had been dipped in bronze.’

The essay by Steve Rushin is well written and shows society’s strong prejudice against bald men for political office. Many other such articles back up this position on the need for hair and it is pointed out that “the last time Giuliani was elected to anything (re-elected as mayor of New York City in 1997), he had a scalp full of hair“.

Some years ago when I was doing my radio show, The Inner Man, we had a caller who was vice president of sales for a rather large company. He said that although he was bald, he would never hire a bald man for a senior position. What does that say?

Full article — TIME Magazine – The Bald Truth

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I had the gastric bypass surgery in January 2007 and I understand that my hair loss is due to the surgery and I need to continue my vitamins. My question is will i ever get my hair back?

Digestive systemGastric bypass is a surgically produced malnutrition that generally includes all components of the food. The vitamins, minerals, and proteins are generally substituted by post-surgical diets. It may take several months until you get your hair back.

The combination of the stress of surgery and micro-nutrient malnutrition are known to be pushing hair into telogen phase and if you have any genetic balding you may have pushed yourself (through the stress of the surgery) into the beginning of genetic hair loss. Just wait and make sure you are on top of your vitamins and high protein diet that is generally recommended after gastric bypass.

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I’m 17 year old female. I have had a high forehead since I can remember. I’m interested in the hairline lowering. What exactly are the procedures? Do you use my own hair? I have curly hair, how long after the surgery are you able to do hairstyles? How much is it to lower about an 1 inch?

The amount of lowering is about an inch, depending on the looseness of your scalp. A hairline lowering procedure is similar to a brow lift, excepting instead of pulling the scalp higher, it is lowered. Recovery is very fast and within a week. You should be able to have your hair styled, but there are sutures placed in the hairline which would have to come out in about a week.

Dr. Sheldon Kabaker’s website has a great Frequently Asked Hairline Lowering Questions page that should answer any additional questions.

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I’m a 38 year old white male recently diagnosed as a Norwood 2/3. The miniturization study indicated that I’m loosing hair in the frontal and temporal hairline only. I’m obsessing about this now and wondering if I should wait a bit or go ahead with a transplant now. Since the Dr. did classify me on the Norwood scale- I guess I’m really balding and it’s not simply a mature hairline. I am taking 1/2 dose of Propecia daily, but doubt it has really helped me after almost 2 years. However, I’m too scared to stop taking it. Based upon your experience and expertise, can you provide me your thoughts. Thanks so much.

Norwood Class 3With known miniaturization of your hair, taking the correct 1mg daily dose of Propecia is recommended. Taking less is less effective. If you are a Norwood Class 3 (see diagram at right) and wish to reverse it, then a hair transplant may be indicated. Many Norwood Class 2 pattern patients may not require a transplant. If it bothers you, you can do it. If you like and trust your doctor, get his/her opinion.

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About 4 months ago my fiance had bought a pair of clippers at our local walmart so he could cut his own hair. (which he had done for many years) Well somehow in the middle if shaving the back of his head, the clippers pulled his hair and took a nice big chunk out of the back of his head. Ever since then there has been a bald spot a little bigger than a half dollar on the back of his head. The spot just won’t grow back! What can he do? Thanks..

ClippersOuch! I assume by “chunk”, you mean a bit of scalp. If that’s the case and hair and skin came out, that is certainly not good. I have no way of knowing either way if it’ll grow back though, as I haven’t seen the wound (depth, size, etc). If it does not grow back, he may want to transplant hair it if it is large enough to be noticeable.

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Hello doctor. First of all, I appreciate that you provide us with such valuable information, it truly helps. Anyway, I began using Rogaine foam about 4 months ago, but I only have been using it once a day. Since then my hair has become increasingly thinner. I am going to quit using it and continue taking Propecia. Could it be the Rogaine that is making my hair thinner, or do you believe it is just coincidental timing?

If you are not having an allergic reaction to Rogaine Foam (minoxidil), I doubt it will cause hair loss. Once a day use is inadequate for maximum benefit, as it requires twice daily use. Rogaine Foam and hair loss may not be related at all.

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Hi! I recently overplucked 1/4 of top of both my eyebrows and this just happened once but I was just wondering if they will EVER grow back and for how long do I have to wait. I naturally have thick and dark eyebrows. Please help I need your advice.

Only time will tell. Most people will regrow the eyebrows.

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As you know, cosmeceuticals cannot be patented so you may want to reverse engineer FabuLash.

I was told about it by an esthetician who had marvelous eyelashes (no, I don’t believe what I’m told) so, rather than pay $150 for a tube of it (it’s applied as is mascara) I went on to eBay and bought some and began to test it almost a month ago.

Whereas one usually would easily see my eyeliner, for both my lashes and eyebrows are terribly thinned, I now have to dampen and then brush my eyelashes BEFORE putting on mascara to both untangle and to keep them from tangling while applying mascara and can also feel the tips of them on my brow bones. Yesterday I noticed that I’m going to have to do some judicious plucking on my middle eyebrow area.

I have NO idea how this works… or why. It’s NOT just a thickening of the hair or a darkening of it for there is no color change of the hair … there are hairs on both my eyelids and eyebrows that haven’t BEEN there in years (and I never DID have lashes like this, even when I was modeling) so I haven’t a clue. I have eyelashes into both the corners of my eyes and way out on the ends of the eyelid. The stuff does NOT sting my eyes either.

I started putting it on my hairline as well to see what may show up there but that was just 3 days ago and I’d have no noticeable results in so short a time.

Thought you might find this of use.

This email actually came in from an acquaintance of mine. Take what she said here as an honest report of one woman’s experience.

I’m often asked about regrowing eyelash hair, and while I can’t give a medical reason for this phenomenon, I nonetheless wanted to share it with the readers of this site. I do have great doubts that what she reported reflects reality, so take this for what you will. Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products which claim to have drug-like benefits (anti-aging creams, for example), and Revlon FabuLash would fit that loose definition if it did indeed regrow eyelashes.

There is a tendency for us to talk ourselves into believing that the impossible is possible. If anyone else tries this, please let me know the results.

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