These are very rare and require that the surgeon, when they are present and the area is going to be transplanted, reproduce this double whirl. Most people have a single whirl either on the left or right side of the crown.  Take a look at yours.

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 2.31.52 PM

Yes, it appears that there are many pimples and the area looks red. This could be buried grafts from the FUE, especially if has been done recently (past month or so).  Go back and see your surgeon as many of these may need drainage and certainly antibiotics

infected FUE site

I know many doctors who are in the hair restoration field and do not have hair transplants or SMP and seem to be happy with their balding patterns. I have come to know them and they tell me (1) They are married and they and their wives don’t care, (2) the balding look is good for them and they like to keep their hair very short, (3) when they entered the field, the quality of the work in the 1980s and early 1990s didn’t meet their sense of quality that they would require.

I find the last comment concerning for those doctors who told me this, that they would do a surgery on their patients that was not good enough for them. What does that tell you about their moral compass?

Many men look good with a bald look. Jeff Bezos, for example, looks great with his balding and his hair cut short. Actors like Gene Hackman who has one of the best balding patterns to fix, has established a character for his balding pattern that brings on many roles in many movies. He is just one example of men who are satisfied with their hair loss fate (I never spoke to him so I am just assuming that he doesn’t care about his hair).

Has anyone tried being bald? from tressless

I have known that this is a side effect of finasteride that few people talk about. Most men who get a decreased libido complain (rightfully) about the drug but when the libido goes up (something I hear about from some patients) few complain on the internet about it. I wish I could tell you who will get which one of these two side effects.

Libido on ludicrous mode ( Finasteride ) from tressless

This is what I tell my patients. You should wait out any shedding period and eventually the shedding will stop and the benefit will be there.

1.5 months on fin, shedding HALTED from tressless

“They gave me this beautiful Glass Statue for the pioneering work  I did  bringing  FUE  to  the  Market.”

Combining finasteride and minoxidil is a good idea. You should get a HAIRCHECK instrument test to find out exactly what hair you are losing and how these drugs reverse the process. IF you are in Southern California, my first visit for this test is free

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 11.17.31 AM

Your donor area appears over-harvested especially because I see that the doctor went out of the permanent zone, into your neck hair which is not permanent and above the permanent zone on the right side.  The area itself, looks like the density has been significantly depleted. Time will tell as you allow the donor hair to grow out.

donor area overharvested

Even the rich and famous lose their hair. He could have had a full head of hair if he wanted to follow his hair loss as it occurred but he elected not to do so. Many people just don’t care and its not a matter of how much money they have. He actually looks good the way he is with a clean shaved cut as people like Bruce Willis and other are happy with that look. You have to decide it that is the look you want.  Here is a man who wanted hair with the same pattern that Jeff Bezos had and I put it on him:

Jeff bezos’ aggressive hairloss in the initial days of amazon from tressless

Dr. Kapil Dua, at the ISHRS meeting in October 2018, reported that the transection rate of FUE grafts was more around the ears and on the side of the head than in the back of the head. We have seen similar results as well.

Before you go for a hair transplant, I would be sure that you maintain minoxidil and finasteride for at least a year as it may be reversed on this combination of medications in a year or so. How old are you?

These scabs (crusts) should have been prevented with good washing techniques the day and the day after surgery. Once they form, you run a risk of graft loss until 14 days at which time you can get them out by leaving a shampoo on the area for 10 minutes, getting it water logged, and then gently rub them off with your finger tips. Repeat this daily until the area is crust free.  I take it that you are a female as the hairline shape, a concave shape, is the classic female pattern.

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 11.53.19 AM

This patient and his doctor pushed the FUE number above a reasonable limit that reflected his normal donor density ( He has a see-through donor area and significant donor site depletion. Now he might have hair on the top of his head but he is bald in the donor area. Even with long hair, he can’t address this problem. The only solution is Scalp MicroPigmentation (

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 7.47.15 AM

Famous people are like everyone else. We all experience the same pain of looking older and with hair loss it is looking older too soon as shown here. You don’t have to be famous and rich to get your hair back, it is straight forward as tens of thousands of men and women are having a hair transplant done every year.

If you look at the face as a picture, the top of the frame is the hairline. A picture that has a frame missing on top, is not a good picture. This man has a normal, mature hairline which is 100% transplanted.  Nobody ever knew by looking at him, nobody.

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 1.45.32 PM