20 year-old had a hair transplant and then lost a lot of hair

Hello I am 20 years-old and I had a hair transplant nine days ago. Today when I combed my hair I saw a lot of hairs I mean a lot. Is this normal? I mean there were not only hair from the recipient or donor area but from all over the head…plz help me is this shock loss or what? ps: my hair transplant was very small I had 500 grafts, 250 on the right temple 250 on the left 

You should never have had a hair transplant at 20 years-old as that is, in my opinion, malpractice on the doctor’s part. He cared more about your money than you.  A 20 year-old will certainly lose hair after a hair transplant.  The key is to go on the drug Finasteride and see a lawyer. You can use me as an expert witness in this case.


Shock loss from complications of FUT (photo)

These scars may occur as a complication of an FUT strip surgery. Sometimes they just happen and sometimes it occurs when the wound is closed under tension.  Wait a period of six months and then, if it does not go away, you might have to consider doing something about it like Scalp MicroPigmentation which works very well for scars in the donor area provided that it is not too large. There is a good chance it will grow hair within six months.

FUt shock loss

Where can I get Finasteride? None of the doctors I visited will prescribe it!

Yes, doctors are shy because of class action law suits brought on by men claiming that the doctors prescription of Finasteride made them impotent. Many young men seem to be hopping on that bandwagon but it seems that most of these suits are being tossed out. I still prescribe it with proper waivers signed.

8 days after FUE and after picking off some crusts and I saw what looks like grafts come out?

I don’t like the idea of anyone removing grafts that have crusts or scabs on them.  We have published a paper in a formal medical journal explaining that when a person pulls off a scab (crust) from a recipient area in less than 12 days, the risk of losing the graft is very high.

See the medical paper we wrote in a major journal below in the web reference that proves my point.

Here is the article:  https://newhair.com/pdf/mp-2006-graft-anchoring.pdf

I’m 25, am I balding or just developing a receding hairline?

This patient was concerned about the asymmetry of his hairline with the right side being slightly higher than the left. First thing I did was a HAIRCHECK test to determine if there was any evident balding and this test is very sensitive to this.  The answer was clear that no balding is present at this time. He may be receding slightly on the right side, and if this is the case, he may develop balding in the future. An annual HAIRCHECK test would be indicated.

question recession

One of my big questions is, can you get Male Pattern Balding without having a family history of it?

No, male pattern balding is genetic but it can skip many generations. You might not identify who you got it from if the person you inherited it from is not known to you. We often do not know our great grandparents.  I recently saw my great, great grandfather’s pictures from the late 1800s and he had a full head of hair.