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Men who experience breast pain while on finasteride, should stop the drug. I have never seen anyone resolve their breast issues while on the drug finasteride. It usually resolves once the drug stops unless there is a breast lump that develops in which case most men find that this persists.  Fortunately, the incidence of this is about 1:1000 patients.  If the pain does persist, they should see their doctor about addressing the problem.

If you suffer from nipple/breast pain, read this from tressless


If sporadic pimples, one or two at a time appear after a transplant, is it possibly a folloculitis of the infection sort? Are infections always in groups or quantity? I am afraid of the pus being fungal and being contagious to myself or others but there is never enough pimples present long enough to get one tested. Maybe two at a time that are gone with a couple days, they may pop as I sleep and I worry that the pillows and my blanket will get contaminated.  Also my folliculitis is never accompanied by any pain or itchiness. Could infection ever be ruled out based on symptoms without a test?  What do u think?

Most of the time, the pimples that pop up after a hair transplant occurs in the first 3 months or so. They usually are retained hair follicles which the body reacts to and tries to ‘exteriorize’ so that they eventually get pushed out. This appears to be what you are discussing, but see your doctor if you are concerned.


I met with Dr. X in a paid consultation which cost me $150.  I am 33 years old and my father also had a Class 3 pattern of balding so I clearly took after him. I tried the drug Propecia but got sexual side effects so I knew that only a hair transplant would work for me.  So I shopped around and finally ended up with Dr. X.  During the consultation he said I was a good candidate but he would not do my surgery. I asked him why, and he said I took too much time asking too many questions about what he would do. He said, ‘My patients trust me and don’t ask questions’.  I was floored so I guess we both decided that we were not meant to be doctor and patient.

Arrogant  to say the least, but he was honest. Best that you and he never worked out, because doctors like will never support you if anything goes wrong.


I was wondering if my hair will grow back after stopping Propranolol and how long will it take to get back to where it used to be

Yes, this drug as most drugs can cause hair loss. Stopping it will probably prevent the progressive nature of the hair loss caused by the drug and may reverse the hair loss



This photo was taken from an internet site called Imanscape which shows a man who used minoxidil for 3 months and the effects of the drug which clearly thickened the beard hair. Everyone who has this problem should try this solution first before having a beard transplant, especially for those men under the age of 25. Many men are just late beard developers so waiting until you are 25, using minoxidil as shown here, maybe a reasonable approach to bring on your beard.

minoxodil beard growth



Take a look at the photos posted on I believe that this man’s hairline filled in on the drugs he was taking.

Update: 2 Years on Finasteride, 6 Months on Minoxidil from tressless


Supposedly, very little (if any) finasteride comes across with the semen so I doubt that this is causing her problem. She should see her gynecologist. the level present in the ejaculate of patients taking 1 mg which appears to be negligible. From the literature I have read, there does not appear to be any need to stop 1 mg of finasteride in those patients trying to conceive or in those whose partners want to be or are pregnant.

Finestride and semen from tressless


At 10 weeks, many of the grafts will have shed giving the appearance of gaps that may not be real. Wait until the 8th month and by then you will see 80% of the growth and know if the gaps are real or not


You have a Class 6 balding pattern with a persistent forelock. If the forelock holds up until you are 35+, then the general estimate of at least 2500 grafts would be appropriate as the middle of the frontal hairline will not have to be transplanted on this first round because you have a strong frontal forelock. But if the forelock disappears after the transplant, then there will be a hole may appear where the forelock was and this will HAVE TO BE TRANSPLANTED because if it is not, then your hairline will have a visible hole in it. I always tell my patients that genetic balding is a progressive process and this discussion is such an example. Even the hair in the existing balding pattern will eventually fall out possibly requiring still another surgery. In some family lines, forelocks tend to last. If it lasts until you are 35, then you may fall into that category

how many grafts do I need


This is indeed a very wide scar from a single surgery. This happens for many reasons. First, it seems that the scar is low and possibly might have been made into the nape of the neck which always stretches if that is the case. That alone can produce a wide scar. If the wound was tense during the closure because your scalp was too tight and the surgeon pulled the tight edges together, that too could cause a wide scar.  There are other technical and genetic factors that cause wide scarring, some of them not the surgeon’s fault just the way your collagen is made by your body. Some collagen has more ‘elastin’ fibers which stretch quite a bit. The treatment would depend on where the scar was in relation to the neck.  If it was in the neck area, then a scar reduction would not work. If it was in the scalp area and not the nape of the neck, it is possible that a scar revision might help reduce the scar. One reliable way to camouflage the scar is with Scalp MicroPigmentation (see:

terrible scar-fixed



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