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Crushing finasteride is ok, but dissolving it in a solution will not guarantee that it will work and you may inactive it by doing so, especially if you don’t drink it immediately.


I really do not know if finasteride can stop the maturing of a hair line in men. I have never had the opportunity to use it for this purpose, but I would expect that a maturing hair line will evolve even if you are on this drug. The reason I believe this, is that maturing hairlines usually reflect a process called apoptosis (cell death) which is, in men, tied to the number of hair cycles that the hair goes through. It is probably triggered by testosterine and maybe DHT. If a hair cycle is 3 years in length and let’s say that apoptosis is scheduled for 7 cycles, that person will lose the hair at the sage of 21. If you are committed to try this, I, as a doctor, would agree to prescribe this drug for you if you were my patient.


I don’t like to invent new scrips when there is an excellent review of this condition here: “Lichen planopilaris is a rare inflammatory condition that results in patchy progressive permanent hair loss mainly on the scalp”


The Norwood patterns that were published by Dr. Otar Norwood were genetic patterns that were developed by people directly. Contrary to popular belief that one evolves from, let’s say a Class 3 pattern into a Class 5 or Class 6 of Class 7 pattern, no such evolution occurs. People born with a Class 3 pattern of balding will not evolve into a Class 5 pattern of balding and will remain with a Class 3 pattern of balding



This is a condition that is reported when a young man was on finasteride and developed sexual and other side effects that did not go away. This syndrome is highly suspect because of the litigation going on with Merck and two important observations: (1) The drive to profit from a Class Action law suit is present in some of the people complaining about the side effect and (2) the frequency of erectile dysfunction in men is 30% in 30 year olds, 40% in 40 year olds, 50% in 50 year olds and so on. Some men just lose their sex drive and their ability to get an erection with age and that is why drugs like Cialis and Viagra are so successful. Most men using these drugs were never on Propecia.


“The test is to wash your hair vigorously for three days and then in the morning when you wake up, comb the hair and count hairs.” I don’t like this test as it is not as accurate as looking for miniaturization and I spoke about in previous posts. Total cost about $20 on Amazon ( I will be happy to interpret it for you by sending me a copy on my email


We do not have any heavy metals or any type of metals in our pigments. Our pigments are purely organic and as a result you don’t have to worry about an MRI which can pull on the pigments and cause redness and pain or have your body react to substances it can not absorb. Many SMP doctors, cosmetologists and tattoists use pigments that contain some dangerous looking stuff in the solutions. We did an analysis of a ‘competitors’ pigment and after it was burned in the lab, the lab found the following material left in the remnants. You judge if this is what you want in your body, not me. This is why we use only organic pigments in our SMP pigments.

If you are correctly wondering why the FDA does not control such substances with potential harm, the answer is that the FDA has told congress that they do not have the funds or the staff to investigate the tattoo industry. Within the United States, 22% of adults have had a tattoo with the type of materials shown in the chart below.

ink analysis


Yes, if you have hair in the areas you want transplanted, you can do it in stages, slowly changing the look. Most men get away with less surgeries not more by doing it all in one session and then ask yourself, do you really want to undergo many surgeries when you can do it once and probably no one will ever know? I usually suggest that if privacy is a real issue, for the patient to grow out a beard if they do not have one, or take it off if they do. People focus on the face and not the head. You can also use the hair you have to style around the recipient area, but if you want to do it incrementally, we offer what I call ‘Lunch Time FUE” so you can come in for 2 hours at a time and get 200-300 grafts in each session until you achieve your goals.


Hairs grow in groups of 1,2 3,4 and occasionally 5-6 hairs per group. These are called Follicular Units. Most doctors transplant Follicular Units and for simplicity call these units ‘grafts. When I do a hair transplant, regardless of the harvesting system (strip surgery or FUE), I charge by the graft. So depending upon your natural groupings of follicular units, the number of hair that I will transplant will vary with each individual. Some races have more hair than others. Caucasians have the highest hair densities but a fixed number of follicular units. The average number of hairs for a Caucasian is 2.3 hairs. For an Asian, on the other hand, the number of hairs per follicular unit are less than Caucasians, usually about 1.6 hairs/follicular unit. That means that the typical Asian, each hair group will have less hairs per graft so when they pay for a hair transplant based upon the number of grafts, they end up on the short-stick when compared with Caucasians. For this reason, a typical Asian might be better served having a strip surgery. Some doctors may confuse this issue by charging per hair just to earn more money. That does not do anyone any real service.

Follicular Group


Any surgery can impact hair growth but usually hair transplants done previously are very stable and will not be impacted by any surgery. If however, you are balding at a rapid rate and have a hernia repair or any surgery, the stress of a surgery runs a small risk of accelerating hair loss that is rapidly being lost.


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