Hair systems work, but they will kill off all of your hair. That is why men who wear hair systems rarely take them off. Hair is lost from clips, glues and other attachment modalities. Hair systems must be removed and washed often, or they smell from your sweat, Washing causes them to wear out quickly, so replacement costs are how these companies make their money.  This is a well kept secret.

This is a depleted donor area in a person who has fine hair so the missing donor hair stands out very well. We call this over-harvesting even though he had less than 2400 grafts removed.  If you look below the area that was harvested, you can almost see through the normal untouched donor area.  This man should not have had as many grafts taken out as he now has a new balding problem or he should have been told ahead of time that this would be a problem.

Also, the harvesting extended beyond the permanent zone so if this man should develop a more advanced balding pattern, he will lose many of the grafts down the road.  SMP is a good treatment for both problems.

I am using Fin for past 5 month with no sides. I had usual shedding phase for a month which stopped after that. But the problem is, I am losing my hairline fast after starting Fin. My hairline has been constant for past 3 -4 years. But in these 5 months my temples became easily visible as my hairline went high. Is this expected? Why is this happening?

Finasteride will not always stop a receding hairline

i read online some links between peyronie’s disease (which I have) and finasteride, also people reporting that finasteride made bends in their penis worse or hour glass penis erection? is this true ??

Finasteride and Pyronines disease are not related. If you have that penile problem, you can still take finasteride if you wish.

The dot size is controlled by the operator (hold time in the skin and how deep they were placed) as well as their skills and the size and needle configuration in the hand piece of the device; however, many of the dots spread because of the size of the pigment particles themselves dictate the spread.  The new laser tattoo device has even more precise control over it, if the operator is not as skilled and doesn’t have the years of experience, see here:

So the girl i’m seeing currently seeing pulls my hair real hard during sex and i’m concerned it might increase my hair fall.Currently on 0.5 mg fin EOD, and it’s been around 5 weeks since i’m on it. It worked like magic in the first week and reduced my shedding from 50-60 hair strands a day to 5-10 hair strands a day, although i feel like i’m having a fin shed after the 4th week and i read that it’s common for about 2 weeks. Would be great if anyone could clear these two doubts of mine.Also, i’m 20 and currently norwood 1.5-2ish.

The pulling would have to be at the same hairs and daily to get traction alopecia; however, miniaturized hairs will easily come out from any tugging and these might not return. I would suggest that she not pull on your hair

I hear that question all of the time.  The answers often vary from 1000 to as high as 6000 grafts, sometimes regardless of the balding pattern.  We focus on the number of grafts because more grafts move more hair into the balding area.  But the real numbers depend upon

  • hair thickness,
  • the balding pattern,
  • the color of your skin and hair,
  • the character of your hair, the thickness of the hair shafts (fine, medium or coarse)
  • and most important, something about your donor supply capacity to support the balding pattern at the time the question is asked.

Note that I am putting in a time factor, because balding is a progressive process and how bald you are today, might be distinctly different than how bald you will be tomorrow.

Some young men fly to Turkey, get 5000-6000 grafts for minimal cost. Then they come home to wait and watch it grow.  Assuming that the clinic did it right (not the case in many Turkey clinics that don’t have a doctor but sell grafts (like potatoes were sold to the Irish at the time of the famine in the 1800s), they may run out of grafts (or potatoes) before they finish balding.

Hair transplants need to be part of a Personalized Master Plan that incorporates how you are going to manage fixing the balding problem against a progressive balding process. If you use up all of your donor hair before the balding is complete, you may end up looking freaky for the rest of your life.  I hear the young man tell me that they are not worried about their hair loss when they get to 30, or 35 or 40.  I speak with many 30, 35 and 40 year old men and they ALL CARE about what their hair looks like.  Poor planning is almost always a disaster for sometime down the road.  All doctors are not equal.  Some doctors are in it for the money, so selling more grafts means making more money.  You have to identify those doctors and make sure that you don’t get one of them. I always say that a good decision today is a good decision tomorrow.

So to answer the basic question “How many grafts do I need?”, take it easy, digest what you read above and the look to some of the following links below:

Lisinopril in my case did cause my hair to fall out and makes you have a cough and so much mucus that it is hard for me to brush my teeth. This medicine is horrible. I had nice thick hair before starting on it. I also knew or believed it was the medication that was causing my hair loss before I found this site . If so many people think it is this medicine that it is causing hair loss then there must be truth to it. I don’t care what doctors tell you.

I don’t have experience with dutasteride but as I know it is about 15% more effective, that means that there must be 15% more side effects, logically

It will take much longer because the half life of dutasteride is 5 – 6 weeks, compared to finasteride which is 6 hours. My guess would be  possibly 3-6 months or so.

I have never heard any connection between back pain and finasteride. Switching to dutasteride doesn’t make sense if the finasteride is working for you

Very nice reversal of the leading edge of your hairline loss in just 4 months on finasteride alone. You have an unusual swirl in the frontal hairline that came back with finasteride