I kinda have a weird sensation after applying minox. My heartbeat is normal but I get this weird feeling when I breath in and out, my heart gets cold and feels like a needle sticking.

Minoxidil causes reduced blood pressure and could cause cardiac symptoms. You should see your family doctor as this could be a sign of other heart problems.

Yes, we offer Scalpmicropigmentation for women like you. This process is very successful. See here: https://scalpmicropigmentation.com/smp-for-women/

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This happens when a person drives a car or truck for a living, the side on the window gets more sun exposure than the other side causing damage from to the skin and more hair loss. We can see this very well in the photo below, of a truck driver whose face aged more on the drivers side of his face.  For people who drive in Australia, the opposite occurs because they drive on the other side of the road.

Nice job! Congrats. You are a man who took charge of your hair loss situation and now can go on with your life.

Machine Gun Kelly Hair Transplant Transformation from tressless

I am on Fin and Min and my hairloss doesn’t seem to progress. Because I have high temples naturally and no regrowth, I wanted to ask if there are clinics that transplant hair from the top of the head, rather than the back. As I believe I will lose all hair eventually, I would like to have a small transplant of hair that will fall out with the other hair if I stop Fin. I am 20 right now by the way.

You are absolutely wrong about your hair loss. The back and sides always stick around regardless of how much hair you lose. A small transplant is like being a little bit pregnant, there is no such thing. If a 20 year old gets a little transplant, then the balding will accelerate (worst and most probable case), and you lose out big time. See a good doctor, make a Master Plan with that doctor and follow that plan with that good doctor for the next 20+ years. Look at this previous post I wrote which defined the issues very well: https://baldingblog.com/22-year-old-received-a-hair-transplant-of-2800-grafts-from-reddit/

No! Clogged pores do not cause hair loss but there are many people who believe this and will want to sell you some product or service to unplug your pores. Rip-offs are commonly presented by those who promote clogged pores.

What is the HAIRCHECK test?  This video shows how it is done. It was edited to show the various step quickly (less than 1 minute). Although we only measured three areas on this man’s head, we can measure more regions, which may be important as early balding may show in the top of the head, but not in the front or crown. In this case, we add measurements as needed.  We use a 4-pronged temporary tattoo stamp which marks an area 3/4 inch square. All of the hair inside of that area is then gathered up and placed inside the HAIRCHECK instrument. Once inside the instrument, it is squeezed so that the bulk of the hair inside this 3/4 inch area is measured digitally. Each area get a ‘number’ reading. These readings are compared. The normal level for each person is the number that is measured in the back of the head (the area we called the ‘permanent zone’ or the donor area where hair from a hair transplant is usually taken from). This ‘permanent zone’ is a unique area in all men, because it is NEVER impacted by genetic balding so whatever that number appears for this area, that number is the base line where all other areas are compared. In this particular young man, he is clearly not balding because the number reading in each area reads 120, 125 and 120 (this last reading is in the permanent zone). A human error might occur in the 10% range. but I have found over the years that the donor area correlated to the changes in the balding patterns that we see.  It helps me in determining the effectiveness of treatment. It is a wonderful test to (1) map out the balding as it occurs over years, (2) to judge the effectiveness of the medications we use such as minoxidil or finasteride and (3) to help patients plan for future hair loss, possibly even a hair transplant if the balding ramps up.

Here is an example of a 19 year old who felt he was balding but needed confirmation because his parents didn’t believe him. Looking at him you can see why, but the HAIRCHECK test confirmed that he was balding. I worked out a Master Plan with him for his short and long term future. For now it would be the drug finasteride, in the future, if the balding developed significantly, a hair transplant may be something he should think about. The value of this test is that he can repeat it every year and see if he is gaining on his hair loss with whatever treatment he is using, or losing ground and if he is losing ground, how fast that is happening. The first visit to our office is free and that includes a HAIRCHECK test as well as the production of a Master Plan with each patient and a prescription for what you may need.  Yearly HAIRCHECK tests are critical in controlling this process as much as possible and being smart about it as well.  See his photos here.

I have been to 4 different doctors about my hair loss and none of them gave me a diagnosis or treatment recommendation other than Rogaine.  I am not happy with the results of the Rogaine and I want a solution to find out what is wrong with me and what can I do about it. Any suggestions you might offer will be helpful.

You most likely have some component of female genetic hair loss. I look at you and would ask: How can I help you if you came to see me. Assuming that your blood tests and medical history was clear of causes for hair loss, I would do the following:

1- Perform a hair transplant in the frontal 1 1/2 inches where there is clear balding

2- Perform Scalp Micropigmentation for the rest of your scalp where your hair is thinning as hair transplants don’t do well with thinning hair in women (see here: https://scalpmicropigmentation.com/smp-for-women/)

See if you can find a doctor who can do both of these processes. If not, consider coming to Los Angeles, as we do offer travel subsidies.

female hair loss Tx plus SMP

The hairline is straight, the grafts have more than one hair in the frontal edge and the shape is not natural.  For a celebrity, that is a bad career move!

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It is too early to tell for sure but it does look promising. I believe that in another year, if it is the drug that is making the change and not your hair length or defects in your photography, you will know if it is working. Good luck.

6 weeks on finasteride

The lighting on the pictures should be better to be sure of what we are seeing, but what it looks like is great. I expect that it is real

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If you need any type of surgery, finasteride will not interfere with it.

Hair frames the face and a properly designed hairline that doesn’t look like a line makes all of the difference.

This patient is now 6 days post op. He was very careful about following our washing routines. Crusting (scabbing) never appeared and he goes out in public without embarrassment. With our techniques that prevent swelling, he had no swelling after the surgery and almost no pain, rarely taking pain medications except the first night after the surgery.