These bald characters are clearly different than ordinary hairy men. Some of funny characters and some are made to look mean but they are all different than we are and that is what makes them different.  Our society has stereotypes and we know that because since Eisenhower, no president has been elected without hair which says that society has a great, innate trust and respect for men with hair. About 15 years ago, I ran a radio show called the Inner Man. We discussed all types of men issues. One day I did a segment on hair and a Vice President of Sales and Marketing from a big company (he wouldn’t name the company) called in to tell us that he would never hire a bald man because they could not be trusted. He added that he was bald but did not fit the mold because he was the exception to his rule. Think about that one!

If you have been on minoxidil for a while, don’t stop it prior to the transplant and pick up its use 1 week after the transplant so that you don’t lose the minoxidil dependent hairs you may have developed.

Yes, I just has a patient I put on Topical finasteride and within a week he developed brain fog and sever sexual side effects so I told him to stop the medication. It does happen, but I am told it is less frequent.

Do you think that if his hairline was perfect, that he would be as scary?

We have treated many women such as you with scalp micropigmentation and they have generally been thrilled with the results:  (see here: )

Minoxidil’s success rate for effective change is about 60% for some type of result.

Basically I was about to start taking finasteride 0.5mg but I recently found out my girlfriend was pregnant. Will I be fine to take it or would I be best waiting for the child to be born?
There is no evidence that there is any danger to the unborn child when the man is taking finasteride. The woman should not touch the pill.
There is no evidence that finasteride can accelerate hair loss

He is in Los Angeles and should see me so that I can do Scalp Micropigmentation and make these bald areas disappear. We have done this on quite a few African American Celebrities.

LeBron’s hair piece falls out during game but doesn’t know, Anthony Davis lets him know from tressless

These pictures show that finasteride works throughout the head and scalp. I don’t think I have to tell you which one is the before picture!

These double swirls are not common and from a surgeons prospective, when I transplant such a crown I must follow the double swirl to make the hair reconstruction look normal.