This link was sent to me by a researcher who has been looking into the ‘hairy mole’ found in people.  He believes that these moles may hold an effective treatment for hair loss and we are working with him to that end.  This is a beautiful women with many moles and was contestant in the Miss Universe contest in 2016.  She admirable that nothing holds her back!

What a difference a single hair transplant makes.  Now the man in the mirror is young looking because he has a frame to his face with a natural looking hairline  from the single hair transplant procedure.  He had a bit more than half of his head covered from his first procedure of 2800 grafts. A second hair transplant will fill up the crown which he has now scheduled to have done very shortly.

If it really bothers you, you can address this with Scalp Micropigmentation relatively easily, see here:!

In my general surgery practice, I met a man who had burns on his chest during an examination for an elective surgery. I asked him about it. He said that he got fainting spells with heart palpitations and one day he fell against the electric fence and it reversed the fainting spells and the heart palpitations. That was in the 1940s, so he put electric fence wires around his property and through his house and every time to had a ‘spell’ he would shock himself.  I believe that this man actually discovered cardio-conversion before the medical profession did. The burns were from the electric shocks and his entire chest was covered with old and fresh scars. Don’t laugh at the value of electricity, it might save you life and your hair.

This patient clearly had an FUE in the past. I know this because I see the FUE scars (the missing areas) which I placed some arrow so that you can identify the scars from the older FUE this patient had.  What I am seeing is that the surgeon, having already almost maxed out the FUE extractions from the permanent zone in the donor area, decided to move up outside of the permanent zone for more extractions. That means that if this man should develop a Full Class 7 pattern of balding, that he would then lose all of these new hairs.  Also showed some arrow above the line I drew to show that this area was previously harvested as well.  The circled area shows an FUE sites where the hair still is in the scalp as it is all over the newly harvested areas (the surgical team has not yet removed the FUE grafts). Now add to this that as he loses more hair in the donor zone where his FUEs were wrongly done, he will have terrible scars on the back of his head that everyone will see (scar-less surgery?).

I strongly believe that the FUE harvest should be restricted to the REAL permanent zone (below the line I drew) and not above the line because these guys don’t expect to lose the transplanted hair in the years to come (a real possibility).

As a single male, I found that women looked at me as older than I was. When I got my hair transplant women thought I was in my early 40s and my social life got better. The best thing I ever did.


When you shave your hair very close to the scalp and you had a significant FUE procedure done, you will see the missing hairs very clearly, especially if your hair is dark and your skin is light as shown in this photo below.  Imagine that you were the surgeon and you had to take out 3500 FUE grafts from this man’s head (look above in the normal scalp), or course you would leave ‘holes’ as shown below, it can’t be avoided unless this man’s donor density was much higher and the grafts were taken over a larger area (impossible if it must be kept to the permanent donor zone).  Many people feel that FUE is preferable to strip surgery, but when you do extensive FUE as this man has, a single thin line scar (1-2 mm wide) may be better than this look.  In either case, it can easily be repaired with Scalp Micropigmentation, a must to if this man wants to keep his hair on the short side. (CLICK TO ENLARGE and you can see that the surgeon did a reasonable random job in selecting the 3500 grafts to excise))

Yes, with weak hair, you should be gentle when you wash your hair and you can wash after the Gym without a problem. Don’t rub it hard and don’t brush it rough when finishing it as rough handling will cause hair loss when there is miniaturization in the hair shafts.
Yes, ED medication like Viagra or Cialis often help but not if you don’t have a reasonable libido.

The side effects between Dutasteride vs Finasteride are about the same but Dutasteride is not FDA cleared for safety and effectiveness at least officially (Click to enlarge).

The recent Journal Lancet, published a study revealing that the obesity epidemic is increasing the terrifying appearance of many cancers in young people.  According to the article, there is an increase in cancer of up to between 50-80% in the following cancers: Uterine and esophageal, colon, gallbladder, kidney, liver, pancreas, upper stomach and brain membranes.  For obese women, there is a 7 times increase in uterine cancer.  Six of the listed cancers are rapidly rising in people ages 25-49 and the incidence is rising at a 2-6% rate yearly.  There is a suggestion that reducing ones obesity may reduce the risk of some of these cancer.


Nobody knows if there is a connection between Diffuse Unpatterened Alopecia (DUPA) and the action of DHT on the hair receptors. but I doubt that it fits the classic model for male pattern genetic loss; nevertheless, because finasteride is the only drug that we can use to block DHT and we know that sometimes it works, finasteride is the drug of choice for DUPA. People with DUPA can also develop patterned balding which shows that there is not a direct connection between the two.

I have experienced hairloss in all of those same areas I have been losing since starting finasteride. Sexual function has also improved since starting finasteride. How common is this?

Some people report hair loss when they start finasteride and this usually subsides in a couple of months, getting improvement afterward.  The increase in sexual drive is now increasingly reported by many postings.