HERE IS A LETTER I SENT TO A PATIENT:  “You have had previous hair transplants done by Dr. XXX with 3400 grafts in the front of your head. You were very frightened about the prospect of being bald at that age of 23. Now you are 31 years old and started Propecia 4 months ago. You want to know the status of your balding situation.

Today’s we used the HAIRCHECK instrument on your head. Measurements indicated that you hair bulk in the frontal 3 inches of your scalp that exceeds the hair bulk of the donor area by 30%. Comparing the crown and the back of your head, the measurements were comparable.
This tells me two things:
  1. You are not presently balding
  2. Your hair transplant done years ago was done on a young man that probably was not balding but driven to have a hair transplant out of fear of balding. Frankly, you were taken advantage of for the money. I am ashamed that doctors in this field would take advantage of your youth and naivety.You agreed with me that in hindsight, you were driven by fear, not balding
The good news is that you should stop the Propecia and if you are ever concerned again about balding (which i believe will be unlikely for your future), please come back and let me retest you with the HAIRCHECK instrument.”
I wrote this to a patient and sent it off to be published because in the hair transplant community, this type of behavior is not unheard of, even today. Too many doctors practice this type of surgery, because for them, every patient has a ‘bucket’ of money that they can tap. Some of these doctors are predators, who think that it is easy to manipulate their patients, set them in a panic mode, so that they can push them to have a surgery, needed or not, often more than less. There is no such thing, in my opinion, as hair transplants that are done to prevent what hair loss might occur in the future by transplanting areas behind the balding pattern that needs transplants. So what doctors do far too often, is that if a person needs 1500 grafts, the doctor will recommend 3000 grafts (double the grafts and double the fee) and put these extra grafts into the normal, non-balding area. What makes it worse, these grafts into non-balding areas may kill normal hairs. Who could challenge these doctor, certainly not the patients who believe that doctors are not crooks but sort-of god like. Patients often don’t know any better, so they believe the doctor who tells them that they need 3000 grafts when in fact, only half of that is needed. Don’t get me wrong, when a patient needs 3000 or more grafts, I will do it. The overall warning here is LET THE BUYER BEWARE. Don’t trust your doctor if for any reason, you think that your doctor is not being honest with you.  You can always get a second opinion and therefore protect yourself by shopping around. You will pay $$$, in the short term and valuable donor hair in the long term and unfortunately there is no going back, no recourse.


This baby is NOT one of our patients, but I recognized the hairline as one I have created many times.

According to RealSelf, the top 100 is awarded to RealSelf doctors for having an outstanding record of customer feedback and for providing credible, valuable insights in response to consumer questions about elective cosmetic treatments.

Reaself Top Doctor (TOP) is a recognition awarded to less than 10% of doctors on RealSelf. This status is earned by achieving high patient satisfaction (as reported in RealSelf reviews), getting favorable feedback on their expert answers, and after investing significant time answering patient’s questions in the community.

Dr. Rassman and Dr. Pak of New Hair Institute Medical Group in Los Angeles have a combined 35+ years in Hair Transplant Surgery and Scalp MicroPigmentation.

The doctors receiving this award were among the top 1% of our 13,000-member doctor community in 2015,” said Tom Seery, RealSelf founder and CEO.

RealSelf100_2015_TimesSquare top100

Dr. Jae Pak and Dr. William Rassman as Top 100 doctors featured in Time Square 2016



This is a picture of a bald crown that is having SMP done. The left half has been done and the right half is about to be done. You can already see the value of the SMP in making the crown look hairy. Click on photo to enlarge it

smp crown half done

The official publication date for this new patent titles “HAIR HARVESTING DEVICE AND METHOD WITH LOCALIZED SUBSURFACE DERMAL FLUID INSERTION” (Patent number #9,259,236 B1) was officially published by the U.S. Patent Office on February 16, 2016. It describes a method to inject fluid into a localized area of the hair follicular unit, to make FUE easier and better to perform with greater accuracy and less transection or damage to the grafts. This is the 17th US patent issued to Drs. Rassman and Pak in the hair transplant field.


Drs. Rassman and Pak continue to find a better way to do everything that most people take for granted. Our motto is: “There is always a better way” and with out quality focus on hair transplant technology, this is just another small ‘baby step’ to making the field better for all doctors administrating such services.

“Regular, long-term use of low-dose aspirin is linked to a small decrease in overall cancer risk, with much of the reduction due to decreased gastrointestinal (GI) cancers, particularly colorectal cancer (CRC), new research involving more than 135,000 adults indicates.” This was reported in the March 3 issue in JAMA Oncology.

This is so simple, and has benefits to reduce the risks of stroke and heart attacks as well.  Just take one baby aspirin each day