I am slightly curious as to why many rockstar’s have such great hair and i can never tell if their hairlins is juvenile. I dont suppose you can tell me what class is Ian Watkins from lostprophets (Rock band) hairline appears to be?

To me it looks low at the middle but thinning on the sides? This man has always had a great head of hair and i dont think he is balding..just on this picture particularly it made me wonder though.
Photo: Ian Watkins

Thank you very much for your time Doc.

Chris Daughtry and MobyI looked at the photo of Ian Watkins, but it’s difficult to tell from one angle like that. I then used Google to try to find more photos, but all of the ones I see have his hair longer and covering the hairline. So truth be told, from the photo you sent it looks like a typical mature hairline, but I really don’t know for sure. I doubt he’s got any balding beyond that. He’s got good hair.

As for why rockstars have great hair, well, it is part of the image. There are always going to be musicians that have hair loss, but many of them will shave their heads bald, wear hats, take unique approaches to styling, or go the surgical route to restore their hair. I’ve performed transplants on musicians that want to keep the look their fans are accustomed to. Many record labels are more willing to sign a band if they have the image that goes with the marketable sound.

A guy like Art Garfunkel (of Simon and Garfunkel) probably would have a tough time getting signed on his own in today’s music business, but a rocker like American Idol runner-up Chris Daughtry can shave his head and be just fine. I’d imagine if Daughtry grew his hair out and showed off his thinning hair, it could make him appear older than he is and thus would not be easy to market in the way the record label wants to. Some other musicians have long hair that falls forward, covering the corners of their hairline and giving the illusion of a young, juvenile hairline. Then there are artists like Moby, who shaves his head but leaves just enough growth to see that there isn’t much hair there at all. Different looks work for different types of artists. It’s all about the marketing.

Update: Actually, TMZ says that Daughtry is growing his hair out now, but we’ll see what his scalp looks like when its time for an official photo shoot or when he’s making a music video.

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Once and for all, in regards to thousands of emails i imagine you get, i have a question for you. I can see there is a miscommunication with the emails you receive regarding matsurbation and hairloss. The way people are wording the emails they send you such as ‘does masturbation cause hairloss’ isn’t what i think their trying to convey. My question is as follows:

I UNDERSTAND that masturbation doesn’t CAUSE MPB/hairloss/genetic hairloss, however for the people who are loosing there hair due to MPB can masturbation exacerbate their hair loss (make it worse). Put simply, the only cure for MPB would be castration (removing the testicles). To gain an erection and to ejaculate you need your testicles, so they can perform their functions to enable erections. So logically, if your stimulating your testicles to perform its functions such as:

-producing sperm (spermatozoa)
-producing male sex hormones of which testosterone is the best- known

your increasing testosterone inturn DHT and other androgens. So if castration is a cure for MPB they only thing you can do is try and replicate what casturation does (it stops you from being able to ejaculate) SO in conclusion try to limit sexual activity (which will reduce androgen activity and you can help to reduce its effect towards MPB

thank you for your continued replies NHI. great work!!

PantsIf you are asking about what happens after one loses his testicles from castration, well, there will be no desire or ability to masturbate unless you take exogenous testosterone. I do not have experience with removing the testicles on anyone, so the subtleties of what you are asking are not my cup of tea. If you really want to know the answers to those questions, ask doctors who do sex change operations (male to female). They would know by experience, as sometimes they remove the testicles before they remove the penis.

If you are asking if a balding man increases his masturbating habits or sexual activities, will he accelerate his hair loss… I believe the answer is no. Theory is one thing, but to prove it is another. I’ve seen no such proof. Also, I posted a story about a year ago regarding China’s last eunuch going bald, so that is some food for thought — see here.

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Snippet from the article:

Sure, two of the most badass actors of recent American cinema — Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson — opted to shave their heads before they went bald naturally.

But there are still plenty of successful men out there who resist the pressure to mask their hair loss, and the best among them are proudly rocking power alleys.

What the heck are power alleys, you ask? Just check out Jackson and Willis’s matching hairlines in “Die Hard With a Vengeance”. In 1995, they could have been the power-alley poster boys.

Jude LawRead the full article: Power Alleys — How Powerful Men Go Bald

There’s nothing groundbreaking mentioned in the article, but it does provide a short list of celebrities with hairline issues. The term “power alleys” is a fun way to describe hair loss in the corners of the hairline, otherwise known as a Norwood Class 3 pattern. Plus, my colleague Dr. Robert Bernstein is quoted briefly in it.

Actors Jude Law (pictured at right) and Danny Glover are counted as those with “power alleys”, along with sports figures and politicians. See the list and photos at Asylum.com.

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Is it true that Silibinin inhibits cytochrome P450 enzymes? I take Propecia but also make my own herbal tea from milk thistle seeds and loose horsetail, mainly for the health of my liver and to get some extra silica. If Silibinin does inhibit cytochrome P450 enzymes then is a waste of time taking propecia? Moreover, do you know of any other plants that inhibit cytochrome P450 enzymes. Any comments would be appreciated.

Sorry, this is out of my scope of expertise. The best I could do is offer you some links I found via Google (like here or here), but I’m sure you could do the same thing. I’m not familiar with silibinin or the cytochrome P450 enzymes.

One thing I can point out though is that the statement in Wikipedia about silibinin inhibiting the P450 enzymes is unsourced, meaning there is no valid reference explaining where that information came from. I assume you (or someone on a forum) saw that mentioned in Wikipedia, which prompted your initial email. Just food for thought.

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I inherited a strange hairline characteristic from my Maternal father, one side is and always has been far higher than the other, however it skipped his son. Does this mean I will have the same pattern of hair loss as my grandfather? I ask because everyone in the family except for his son (my uncle) has a pretty good head of hair. Should one even consider uncles and great uncles when looking at their family tree in terms of hair loss or is that too far off?

These may be independent variables and could genetically express themselves differently in the sequential generations. I do not believe hairlines and hair loss are linked genetically, so you can have one without the other (the variable is hair loss).

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Doctor — I know you don’t want to raise anybody’s hopes. But here’s a question you’ve haven’t addressed before (amazingly) — I think.

Are there any miracle stories you’ve seen? Where someone came in with a lot of miniaturization, at a young age, and somehow didn’t get much worse even without treatment?

Or someone looked in terrible shape, nearly balding, and regrew much of his hair and it was hard to see he was balding?

Virgin Mary grilled cheese miracleI honestly don’t recall anything that would really qualify as a “miracle story” using your criteria of having major hair loss, yet the hair spontaneously regrows without treatment. If someone came in with a lot of miniaturization showing at a young age (late teens to 20s), I’d probably prescribe them Propecia… so there’d be a treatment in there to prevent the progression. But if hair did spontaneously regrow (here’s your hope), chances are the patient wouldn’t come back to me for a follow-up, as he’d have no need for a doctor to look at his loss anymore.

I’ve seen plenty of miracle stories from medication though, and plenty of amazing results from hair transplantation. I guess a miracle could be labeled on a case where an extremely bald man with fine hair was able to achieve amazing results from hair transplantation and a camouflaging agent. Or like the story I mentioned a month ago, where a 79 year old friend of mine was treated with Proscar for his prostate enlargement and he regrew hair as an unexpected bonus. Or when someone with a form of alopecia areata (totalis or universalis) has even the most minor hair regrowth, that can be considered a miracle. Different people will have their own way to define a “miracle”… such as a grilled cheese with a funky toast pattern.

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The effect of finasteride on spermatogenesis

I was wondering if you had see this study on hampsters? It concluses that animals treated with finasteride showed significant changes to the testicular seminiferous tubules as well as on spermatogenesis when compared to the control group.

Sounds scary! Is it something to worry about?

Link: Study

HamsterOK, but how did their hair look? If you have a pet hamster who is balding and you are concerned that he may not reproduce on finasteride, then you have a real problem.

In all seriousness, this might be interesting to some degree, but it isn’t enough to even consider being worried about. I’m not a veterinarian, but I can clearly see there are vast differences between humans and hamsters. Besides, the study says they gave the equivalent of 5mg finasteride to the hamsters… and unless you have prostate issues, you shouldn’t be taking that much anyway (1mg is for treating hair loss). And for those men with prostate issues (which usually occur later in life), getting a girl knocked up isn’t high on the to-do list.

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Hey Doc, I have been on propecia for almost 2 years now, last summer marked my 1st full year on the drug. Last summer (late August) I missed 2 weeks of the pill and soon after realized that my crown got a bit balder. Now the crown has gotten a bit more balder – my question is, is there any way to tell whether the 2 weeks of missed dosage caused this or whether its just MPB taking its course?

Thanks Doc

There is no way to truly tell other than not having missed the drug (and comparing the results to the you in an alternate universe that never missed a dose). In other words, it just isn’t possible to tell if that 2 weeks made a difference. I would doubt that you’d notice hair loss so soon after stopping the drug, but I’m not sure how long “soon after” was. If you’re talking months, then it is possible.

You might want to consider adding Rogaine Foam (or any minoxidil 5%) to see if that makes a difference in the crown. Perhaps Propecia is slowing the loss and minoxidil could regrow some.

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Snippet from the article:

Prince William has found himself in a hairy situation. The British royal, 27, appears on the new cover of Hello! Magazine with a suspicious head of full, dark hair, a far cry from his usual thinning mane. While it looks as though the prince dyed his hair, inside images prove the cover photo may have been the result of some clever lighting or avid Photoshopping.

William sports his traditional dark blond locks in additional photos found inside the British tabloid, the Daily Mail reports.

Read the full article at NY Daily News

Prince William appears to have some hair thinning with his natural hair color, but the photo of the Prince with dark hair look like the work of Photoshop. Not only is his hair darker, but it looks thicker than in other pictures I’ve seen. Judge for yourself:

Prince William
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Dear Sir,

First of all, congratulations for this site and all the usefull info that comes with it.

Im in my 15 day after my mega FUE sesion and i got flu with some fever. Is there any chance that this will interfere with my process due to the high temperature or the use of medication like antibiotics and ibuprofene?.

Thanks in advance for your attention and work.

You’re safe. Neither the flu nor those medications will interfere with the growth of hair transplant grafts. There’s no impact on future growth from getting sick.

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i would like to know that if hair don’t grow as expected after 1 year of transplantation then what should we do? can we go for 2nd surgery? what could be reason for that?some white marks are still there. how can i get rid of them? is it possible that after transplantaion some hair root was not fixed properly? i removed some of them on 4th day. could it be reason? plz help me.

FailHair transplantation that failed is a subject you should discuss with the doctor who performed it. This doctor should give you a reasonable opinion as to why the failure occurred. When a hair transplant is unsuccessful, it is almost always caused by technical failures of the surgeon and his team. On rare occasions, the patient can have some disease like alopecia areata, but that should be evident to any educated doctor (which means the surgery is unnecessary and should not be done). As for removing grafts, perhaps you just got rid of scabs. I don’t know.

If your doctor does not give you a logical explanation, go get a second opinion and certainly do not go back to the doctor whose failed transplant was not a good experience. Why would you consider going back to the surgeon that has wronged you? You have a limited amount of donor hair, not to mention the value of your time, money, and confidence.

Here are some recent posts we’ve made about hair transplant failures that you might find interesting:

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First of all i would say that i appreciate your website and the information you give.

Im am 33 years old and still have a fair amount of hair. Lately I am bother by my temples, its not bald but it’s not what it used to be.

Last year (september) I started to take propecia to keep the hairs I have. I am now thinking of taking a hairtransplant to insert some hairs in the temples to make it full again. I don’t think I will need a lot of hairs or grafts. What is your opinion about a hairtransplant for the temples? I am afraid that if I do it now maybe later on the hairs ‘behind’ the temples will fall out. Of course I dont want a hairtransplant to make me look like 20 again but just some hairs added to the temples. Do you think its wise to do that considering im now 33 years old?

First, I want to make sure you’re talking about the temple peaks on the sides of the head, and not the corners of the hairline (many people refer to the corners of the hairline as the “temples,” but that isn’t right). So assuming you’re talking about the temple peaks (the prominences above your ears), then I’d have no problem transplanting those if you didn’t show miniaturization on the top of the scalp. If you meant the corners of the hairline, I’d need to see what your loss pattern is looking like.

Your question is a good one, because sooner or later you will bald behind the hair transplants if your hair loss pattern is still progressing, which is why the Master Plan is created by you and your doctor with the primary focus of keeping you always looking good. Really, the best way to answer this question is to be seen by a good hair transplant doctor who doesn’t just want to take your money.

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I’m a healthy 62 yr old caucasion male. Throughout my life time I have enjoyed a full head of hair. Over the past month to two months, I have noticed significant hair loss in the front of my leading to baldness. I am concern for the abruptness that I started losing my hair. Is this unusal to happen at my age? I’ve been taking blood pressure medicine for the past several years as well as tamulosin and cholesterol medicine. I do not abuse drugs or alcohol. Thanks for you answer

Genetic hair loss can start at any age, but as you suggested, this is unusual. If your medications have been the same medications you have always taken, then it is unlikely that they caused the recent thinning.

You should have your scalp mapped out for miniaturization to determine if you are miniaturizing hair and will progress with the balding process. I know if it were me, that I would want to know why I had it and where it is going, but that would best be determined by a visit to a focused doctor in the field.

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Taylor LautnerHello Dr Rassman, just a quick one here. Does Taylor Lautner look to be displaying the signs of early MPB, or is he simply sporting a mature hairline? What Norwood class do you think he would he be?

I had to look up who this young man is (he’s in one of the Twilight movies), but it looks like he’s got a normal juvenile hairline, so a classification for hair loss does not apply. His rounded corners, which is typical of an immature hairline, has been lost in his recent photos but otherwise, I suspect he had the exact same hairline at 12 years old. There’s no early balding from the photos I’ve seen. He’s young though, so who knows where his hair will go.

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Hey Doc,

My juvenile hair line was asymmetrical. The right side of my hair line was higher than my left.Now im starting to develeop a mature hairline. Do you think my mature hairline will be asymmetrical? Have you ever seen a asymmetrical mature hairline?

thank you for you great site.

Only time will tell. It is possible that when and if the juvenile hairline is lost, that you will balance out what you see.

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