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In an article just published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Internal Medicine edition by Dr. Blayne Well , the impact of finasteride on patients with known depression were studied. Of that population, 272 patients out of 100,000 have a tendency for depression.  Could it be that these men, once identified should not be prescribed the drug finasteride?  Their concern was to determine if there was a suicide risk that increased because of the use of 5 alpha-reductase inhibitors which included finasteride and dutasteride.

The answer, in my opinion, to this is probably Yes, it is a good idea not to give this drug to people with known depression.  Note excerpts below:



My docotor who prescribed Finpecia (Finateride 1mg by Dr. Ready Pharmaceuticals) for 90 days. He indicated about men suffering from erectile dysfunction but only in 1 % case. But now after surfing the website including this finding, I understand that the risk rate is much beyond that. I understand you are a pharmacist and from your experience, would you recommend one using Finpecia ??

The risks for sexual side-effects from finasteride is between 2-4%.  Unfortunately there is a lot of mis-information from doctors and the internet. I am a physician and hair transplant surgeon, not a pharmacist.



I’ve been taking fin for a couple weeks now and my sleep has been greatly affected by it , specifically I am unable to hit R.E.M sleep or stay asleep for a long time. Does this resolve itself over time, or do you recommend stopping completely?

I have not heard this particular complaint. I do know that the body readjusts to hormonal fluctuations over a few weeks/months. If I were your doctor, I would recommend you give it a few months and see what is happening to your sleep patterns.



The problem is one of depth. If the SMP was placed in the proper position just under the epidermis and not deep into the fat of the scalp, damage to hair would be minimal because hair grows deep into the scalp (to a depth of between 5-7mm) and it is the pigment that picks up the heat from the laser which should be about 0.5mm below he skin; however, if there is pigment bleeding because the operators put the pigment in too deep below the skin (like 3-4 mm deep), the heat from the laser might damage the hairs which could be adjacent to the pigments, thereby killing the hair. If there is a message here, be sure that the person you choose to perform your Scalp Micropigmentation knows what they are doing.


Spider bites are common. They can be very dangerous. A few years ago, I got bitten by a brown recluse spider. These spiders often are found around boxes in your garage.  I was very lucky as some people can lose a leg or arm or even die from such a spider bite as I had. Seeing an experienced emergency physician is a good idea as the problems tend to be slow in appearance such as this photo. This photo probably reflected a bite a few days earlier

spider bite


You should know that Egpytians were a mix of Bantu, Arabs and even a bit of Caucasian so its not surprising that their would be hairloss even African Americans suffer hair-loss due to mixture with European and because they are of Bantu not San

the san bushmen are an isolated and relatively pure ethnic group, and they are of special interest because they share the direct lineage from the direct descendants of all humans, so they give a window to what humans might have originally looked like 60000 years ago

The history for genetic hair loss and its causes has perplexed doctors and other scientists for generations; however, one doctor did come up with a solution which I outlined in a post some years ago after reading his book. Here is the post:


This man shows a juvenile hairline that is about a half inch thick at the leading edge of his hairline.  The genetics on his hairline is different than the genetics on the rest of his head. The hair behind the juvenile hairline clearly shows male pattern balding to some degree.  If he likes to wear his hair short, he can treat his balding with Scalp MicroPigmentation. You can learn more about SMP at  He would wear it combed back and his hairline which will be normal, will easily comb back with a normal looking frontal hairline.  His other option is a hair transplant with the hope that the frontal juvenile hairline will perhaps persist well into his adult life.  I wrote the book on this and you can read it at the link below.


juvenile hairline


I used expired shampoo, i knew what i was getting myself into, but i loved the shampoo’s effects on my hair and i continued using it even after its expiry, it was Dove, there was a lot left and i didn’t want to throw it away, i was being a cheapskate. Anyway I started having hairloss and it was a little too much than before even though i had it before. I stopped using it and the extreme hair loss still hasn’t stopped, do you think it’s the shampoo or other reasons…and i am only 23 years old.

I find it hard to believe that DOVE shampoo, expired, could cause hair loss. Maybe you have another cause of hair loss and this was a coincidence. Maybe you should see a hair specialist if it continues to try to nail down the cause.


I must be the luckiest man in the world. I love people and my patients are the special people who are like family to me.  I get emails like this all of the time but this patient took the time out of his busy law practice to write a letter and to tell me about his experience with this last surgery. He was able to compare the 1997 surgery with the surgery last month. This patient, who had his initial surgery with me 20 years ago, has maintained contract with me ever since. I have kept in touch with patients that go back to 1992, and the transplants I did on them at that time, still held up. Helping people is what Dr. Pak and I are about.  This patient is one example of many who express their appreciation and I am grateful and humbled by it.  Click on the image to enlarge.


Here is a second email that also came in today through the Realself website:  I decided to have a transplant about a year ago after seeing some amazing results that one of my friends got from a procedure. I spent about three months researching doctors and watching youtube videos and I met and spoke with many of the top rated surgeons in California. I found Dr. Rassman while watching youtube videos on transplants. I consider myself a very good judge of character and Dr. Rassman’s series of videos on hair restoration were very honest and concise and what he was saying made sense to me. And he demonstrated good character. After meeting with other surgeons I went to meet Rassman and Pak. As soon as I entered the clinic I felt comfortable. All the staff are happy, relaxed and professional. I also went to one of their open days to meet other patients (something I never thought I’d do). I had the surgery with Dr. Pak last November and my results are amazing. I love the new hair line he’s created and people that I’ve told about the procedure cannot believe I’ve had it done. I will have another transplant even though I probably don’t need it. This reason is I want as much density as I can get – I work in front of the camera and have very bright lights on my head. I’m going to have my next procedure with Dr. Pak. I have now sent many of my friends who are receding to meet with the team at NHI. They’ve all had very positive experiences. It sounds corny but they really do feel like part of my family now. They’re happy for me to come in for check ups and both doctors always make time to see me. Thanks Jae and Bill – I can’t thank you both enough! FYI – Having this procedure was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.



It seems that you are losing the entire frontal hairline and if you look carefully, you will see a ‘U’ shaped frontal hairline. We classify this as a Class 3A pattern of balding. Gene Hackman (actor) developed this type of hairline which you can see in his movies, a ‘U’ shaped frontal hairline. When he got older, the leading edge became thinner. He looked good anyway. See him here so you know what I mean: You can also try the drug finasteride and you have a chance at reversing it (see: or you can do a hair transplant like some of the guys in this video and get your hair back:

Norwood 3A


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