You are showing early growth. I am not sure of the caliber of the new hairs that are clearly growing. Give is a little more time and then you will know.

After 9 months on finasteride, the hairline filled in nicely. This shows that finasteride can not only regrow hair but reverse miniaturization

Can smoking mitigate the effects of Minoxidil since min is a vasodilator and tobacco/nicotine is a vasoconstrictor? I know there was a study in Taiwan that showed hair loss was more common in smokers, though this was only with men who had a pack a day which most smokers don’t have. Also was told by a hair clinic doctor that smoking has no effect on hair loss.

There is no evidence that smoking reverses the effects of minoxidil. Minoxidil’s benefit is not from the vasodilation, but from a drug side effect.

I show these photos so that those of you who get frustrated with your medications and worry it may not be working, be patient.

Got fin sides, quit 3 days ago. How long typically until my body is back to normal?

It could be anytime between 1 – 8 weeks. Usually 2-4 weeks is typical.

So I’m 25 and I can tell my hair is thinning. My hairline is intact, but I can tell it’s less dense in the front and on top. Not really noticeable yet unless I shine a bright light at it. My dad is 52 and he still has a “full” head of hair and hairline, but it’s noticeably thinned out in density. When he styles it and doesn’t stand under heavy direct lighting, it doesn’t look that bad at all. Even under lighting it’s not that bad.

Mine seems to be doing the same thing at this point. I’m wondering if it’s likely my hair will end up like his? Like I’ll continue losing some density, but eventually it halts and doesn’t get worse. Does diffuse thinning work like that sometimes? My grandfather on my moms side is 82 and still has a freakish amount of hair on his head. I’m pretty jealous.

As men age, the hair shafts often become thinner and that produces a see-through look without necessary balding. We wrote about this and called in ‘Age Related Thinning’


I am 22 years old and have no Beard growth or hairs on face.. I have few hairs on my chin and have mustache… At my age all have full beard and mustache… I’m worried about it… Please give me the Solution

First check with your dad and grandfather and see when their beard grew in. Then you can use minoxidil on the face or get a doctor to prescribe it for you in the oral form. It might accelerate your beard growth.

These are remarkable photos but I wonder if the hair length is actually similar. Longer hair always makes hair look fuller.

It is not common for a 43 year old to get hairline growth as this man showed with finasteride alone.

Your hair is longer in the after photos, but the corners show more hair than you had in the earlier photo. Nice!

I’m a trans woman, what should I be using as a dosage for minoxidil? 2x a day is for men, 1x a day is what’s recommended for (cis) women. 2x a day doesn’t really work with my lifestyle, I’m growing my hair out and slathering that slimy stuff into my roots before stepping out every morning isn’t realistic.

To my own data, I’ve been using the (men’s) 5% strength 1x a day for several months now with promising results, but I’ve got to wonder if it could be thicker. There’s almost zero testosterone in my body for well over a year now, and correspondingly no DHT.

How worried should I be about missing a day? I’m generally really good at consistently applying once to the crown every night before my head hits the pillow, but very rarely, like last night, I completely forgot and now I’m stressing about losing my crown and needing to chop off everything. 

Minoxidil 5% works well for men and women. Skipping a day is not a problem just don’t make it a habit.

I haven’t seen any reports of stunted growth with boys as young as 16, taking finasteride for early hair loss. The few boys I put on finasteride at 16, still grew taller. Here is a scientific reference for this subject:

How many hairs are usually in each graft/unit? Got a transplant quote for 2500-3000 hair follicles. Wonder what does this mean in terms of grafts

Surgeons shouldn’t confuse you with poor language. A graft or a follicular unit contains from 1-5 hairs. Most doctors today transplant follicular units and at the time of the surgery, they keep an accounting of the actual number of follicular units and the number of hairs in each unit. Yesterday, I did a hair transplant on a 60 year old man with 3680 follicular units transplanted from a strip surgery. His natural follicular units had a very low hair count and 1700 of them had single hairs in them, the rest had only 2 hairs. So that means that he received 5660 hairs in the 3680 grafts. He had the worst hair (very fine) and the worst balding (Class 7 pattern for many years), and I suspect he will end up with light coverage and that is what I told him. Eventually, I plan on performing Scalp Micropigmentation under the hair transplants to make the look much fuller. I have done this many times and it works nicely. Setting up expectations is critical to getting a happy patient and that is what I do as I spend a lot of time with each patient letting them know what is going to happen to them, good or bad. I published an article on this subject with FUE which is now gaining traction by doctors from around the world as I predicted combining hair transplants with Scalp Micropigmentation (

 DHT blocking shampoos, do they really block DHT? They contain saw palmetto and that kind of stuff, but do they actually work? And if so, how much do they block?

The DHT shampoos have nothing to carry the blocking agent to the DHT and they can’t go through the skin so its all marketing hype

I don’t see much of a difference between the two photos! If I were her doctor, I would have performed a HAIRCHECK test ( ) to see if there was a measurable change