I’ve been having to get some Testosterone injections for the past couple months due to low testosterone levels. I’ve been give a prescription for Finasteride to assist with some major hair loss. I had a couple questions:

  1. My understanding is that Fin can lower T-Levels, isn’t this kind of counter intuitive if I’m getting T-Shots?

  2. If you’re taking Fin, does it need to be long term or just around 6 months based on results?

  3. The side effects of Finasteride seem pretty scary, any thoughts on that?

Although finasteride blocks the DHT it is not a complete blockage. By adding testosterone to your system, you will increase your DHT levels as DHT is a breakdown product of testosterone and therefore increase your hair loss.

There is little doubt that men with frontal hair loss, try as they might to get their hair back , are often served better with a hair transplant. You don’t need to be a billionaire to get this done the right way.

If the larger eyebrow is too large and the other it just right, then you can pluck hair from the larger eyebrow. Continuously plucking hair will eventually cause the hair to stop growing. If you like the larger eyebrow, you can transplant the smaller one to match the larger one.

This is a hairy nevus, a growth like a benign tumor that happens to grow hair. This will remain unless it is removed. As this is a young girl, timing for removal is critical on a social acceptance level.

I been rubbing Pepsi in my hair for 1 year now after finding about it online, and so far no results? What is wrong?

It tells you Pepsi doesn’t work to grow hair. Pepsi may be good for your thirst, but hair????

Was introduced to hair fibers by a family member which spark my interest in keeping my hair. I had been in denial about balding for a long time, and while I wish I had started sooner, I can say that I am happy with my progress in not even just retaining my hair, but even getting a bit of regrowth.

Pictures say it all! Best of all, he is happy with the results so far.

This is a terrible complication of a hair transplant. Considering my clinic has performed over 16,000 surgeries in 30 years and never saw this complication, what did the surgical team do wrong.  Maybe it was caused by too much epinephrine in the anesthetic or tumesence, too large a tool for site making, other causes?

Great results from a combination of oral minoxidil, dutasteride daily dose of 0.5mg and microneedling

I believe that this is the first time I have seen a reversal of a mature hairline in the direction of a juvenile hairline.

The frequency of ED rises as you get older, 30% of 30 year olds, 40% of 40 year olds, 50% of 50 year olds and so on. Many of these men seek out physician involvement with their ED which is natural for their age and they may get Testosterone supplement (which will cause more hair loss) or look for prescriptions for Viagra or Cialis.

Everyone has there opinions. I ran my own tests and it showed my Vit D was low. My testosterone was in the 300. Down from 700 from in 5 years. My TSH was elevated to 5.5. My HgbA1C was high and cholesterol high which led to chest pains. All issues with hypothyroid. Turns out I had Hashimotos. Started on Levothyroxine. All problems are somewhat resolving. Nocturnal erections are returning again. This doesn’t run in my family. I believe propecia definitely affected me for the better. The medication was made to block testosterone conversion. It does it extremely well and then people will say there’s no connection. There is definitely a connection.

There is clearly frontal hairline regrowth present with the 6 month use of finasteride. Good Job

I believe that millions of men stayed on finasteride when their partners became pregnant. Most of them had no problems. I am assuming this because if they had children with ambiguous genetalia, the courts would be full of law suits against Merck.

Does anyone else have kind of a smaller head and have a “normal” hairline height but looks receded anyways? Now I know I’m receding, that’s been established. But my hairline height is 6cm in the center and goes to 7cm at the temples. I’ve read a normal hairline is between 6-8cm. I fall in this zone but my recession is very noticeable.

Mature hairlines are located one finger breadth above the highest crease of the furrowed brow. Lift your eyebrows and measure it yourself.

Fin + Minoxidil + RU + Tretinoin + Castor Oil + Microneedling – 3 months and I think I am getting hair growth.

Yes, I believe that you are getting some hair growth.  Give it more time, possibly up to a year and maybe you will see real thick hair growth.