Hi Dr. Rassman,

I’m 4.5 months post-op and noticing some issues in the past 30 days. I’ve been seeing a lot of dry skin/flaky areas all around where my transplant was completed (dandruff like). These patches of dandruff tend fall off in the shower or when my hair is brushed and have hair attached inside them. Today, I noticed a new one formed and I dabbed at it with my finger and it came off! There was three hairs inside the piece of skin and my head begin to bleed where the hair came from. I thought this flaky skin was a sign of the new hair coming through, but why is hair coming out with them and I should surely not be bleeding? I went through the shedding phase the first month; it should not be happening again.

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Clearly there is something wrong, but I do not know what is going on without an examination. In general, you should not have these issues. You may have an infection, you may not be keeping your hair clean, you may have a skin condition, etc. These are all wild guesses, though.

Please go see your surgeon. What you’re describing is not normal.

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