I started using bioidentical hormones in September of 2004. I started noticing hair loss and did some research and found that DHEA and Testosterone can result in hair loss. I removed these but my hair is still not growning back. I am currently taking progesterone and biest in cream form. I tried taking Selenium and thyrostin and that didn’t help either. I am at a loss of what to do, can you help me. I am devastated about this hair loss.

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Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy includes such compounds as progesterone, estrogen, estriol, estradiol, testosterone, dhea, etc. I would assume from your question that you are post-menopausal. If that is correct and you have the genetic form of female hair loss without any medical cause, then it is highly likely that the trigger for the process has been ‘pulled’. Like a bullet from a gun, once the trigger is pulled, you can not call the bullet back. You need a thorough examination with a doctor skilled in quantifying miniaturization and the distribution of miniaturized hairs. Also, you will have to be evaluated with your complaint clearly outlined and understood. With that information, there might be some hope in the transplant arena, limited by the supply quality and quantity, and the size of the areas of need. You also need a good endocrinologist or gynecologist to ascertain hormone balances. I fully appreciate the traumatic impact of hair loss on women, but there is much I do not know about your unique situation. There is no substitute for a good doctor / patient relationship as a starting point. Find a good doctor and establish a trusting relationship with him/her.