Bald Spots in African American Women

I and my daughter have severe bald spots. My other daughter has a bald spot also. Not as severe as ours. My daughter is devasted. I think she can be saved from what I am experiencing. I personally feel that there is something in our system. No other family members have this disorder. We have been unsuccessful in locating a doctor who is familiar with Black Hair care or disorders. Can you help us. I now wear a wig. My daughters do various things from sew-ins to wigs. If you provide address I will mail pictures. Thank you.

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If there are spots of hair loss in you and your daughters, you should start off by seeing a dermatologist. There are genetic conditions that fit the description of what you are talking about. Please see a good dermatologist.

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  1. I am a 53 year old Afro American Male. Currently i have itching and two bald spots on the left side of my head which have gotten bigger over time. I went to a reputable dermatologist in Beverly Hills, CA. about three months ago and he assured me that my hair would grow back but it hasn’t as of this date, Tuesday February 21, 2006. In the interim i have tride various topical products (Rogaine, Ferm T)which only irritated my scalp, neck, shoulders, chest and face. Any information that you can give me to help me identify the source of my problem, would be greatly appreciated. Could you refer me to a specialist for my condition in the South Bay Area of Southern CA.

  2. I am a 26 year old African-American woman. I currently have a bald spot in the middle of my hair. This spot has been reappearing since the age of 13. I recently found out it was due to low iron. I was also recommend to discontinue the use of relaxers.

  3. Adrian, thank you so much, you answered the question my aunt, cousin and i have been asking for years. i am 38 and have had the same problem since puberty/perming started. I ALREADY KNOW I AM ANEMIC!!!! So there, i need to keep up on my iron, no wonder my hair always grew during my pregancies with no problem in the bald spot!!!. Thank you so much, this is the answer no one has been able to answer for me as a black woman who hasn’t permed in 10yrs. i had beautiful dreds for 7yrs. and had to cut them off because of dreds falling off of the bald spot, its egg size in the back upper center of my head, so i wear a pig tail. one thing, iron should be taken with vitamin C for better absorbstion/facilitation of the iron. i hated taking it because of contipation. has taking iron cured you bald spot problem? i would like to start my dreds again.


  5. I am an 26yr old African American woman. Since I was 17 years old I have had a bald spot in the center of my head. I am now amazed at so many different sistas that can relate to my story. I will now start taking iron pill to try to get my hair growing again. Is there some common blood type in African American women to cause this hair condition.

  6. I have very curly hair and have done so much to my hair with wearing braids, extentions,pressing and perming of my hair and have tried millions of different products that I have noticed lately…some thinning around my hair line and a small ball spot in the back of hair…that was slowly thinning..I was so distraught…that I decided then and there to give my hair a break! I starting caring for my hair…by taking hair vitamins…eating a healthy diet…and wearing lace front wigs….Now I can wear lots of styles and textures…while my own hair is taking a break and growing underneath. If you are interested…Please visit They are kinda of expensive because they cater to celebrities…but they do have some reasonable priced custom and ready to wear styles available that our comparable in price to other lace wig sellers. Their hair is very soft and tangle free and of the best quality. I have tried lots of lace wig companies before choosing kais…Good luck ladies!

  7. I am a 47 year old African American woman. Over the past 5 years I noticed dark spots around and near the crown of my head. The spots are very painful and sore to touch. Since then, I acquired a few more dark spots. My daughter says it looks like chemical burns from the overuse and/or the improper use of relaxers and glue-in weaves. I visited a caucasian dermatologist and did a biopsy on a section of my scalp. He later diagnosed it as being discoid lupus. He prescribed Olux, and Ovace topical foams, Derma-smooth lotion, and Clobetasol Propionate ointment 0.05% for the pain and soreness. Nothing seems to work. Please direct me to a hair care expert or African American dermatologist who specializes in black hair care.

  8. I am a 15 years old African-American Girl and I’ve been balding. My dermotolagist said I have psoriasis and thats what made my hair loss and it will grow back but that hasn’t happened yet. I used to have long beautiful hair and now I have several bald spots. I only keep my hair in a pony tail in fear of friends at school seeing me bald spots. It’s annoying to be 15 and only able to put my hair in a pony tail and do nothing with it. I never knew so many other women had bald spots what do you do to cover it up?

  9. I am 46 and i have several dime size bald spots on crown of my head. I stopped using relaxers and started wearing wigs for the last 5 years. I was diagnosed with alopecia areata by a caucasian doc.

  10. I’m an 18 year old african american and I don’t know specifically what I was diagnosed with, but I can give you the syptoms. My scalp began to flare up and cause huge pus filled scabs on my scalp. I first tried sulinium (spelling) sulfide, it helped, but eventually it came. I decided to go to a dermatologist and he gave me the same but added a peanut oil based shampoo. it’s been working wonders. I unfortunately will not be able to go all of my hair back because the condition i had killed my folicles, but i’m able to prevent it going any further. I’ve decided to stop relaxing until I get this undercontrol and I hope in time i will have the full head of hair I had.

  11. Hey Tina I have had systemic lupus since i was 10…and i was recently diagnosed with discoid lupus about a year ago, my hair is doing exactly what your is doing and no I have not found a solution, and my dermatologist is black.

  12. Hi, Im a 29 year old female and have been dealing with alopecia “officially” for about 3 years. It started about 12 years ago, tho. It started as a very small area in the crown area and progressed to a wider crown and now front area. the growth increased alot in the past 3 years due I BELIEVE, from high level of stress (i lost weight due to stress also). BC the alpecia was inactive for a few years. And once my stresses was set in it grew very quickly with in a year. i then cut ALLLLL my hair off and decided to wear lace wigs that i started to selling them as well. in my mind, i was NEVER GOING to wear my hair out AGAIN! BC it was showing to much..but what i realized that my natural hair was so kinky/coily/curly that the areas that were once very visable are now hidden.

  13. Many years ago I took my daughter o doc. Because of a quarter size bald spot in the top of her head.
    They ran a test and informed up that it was a fungal. Gave he Nizarol shampoo, and and Nizarol cream.
    It cleared up and hair return. It can come from gels, hair staying wet under weaves and wigs as well.

    Thanks to my stylist for telling me to ask doc. About Nizarol

  14. Same thing. Im 30 yrs old and been dealing with this since I was 22 or 23. Its bad. 90 percent of my crown is gone. I wear weaves. I never been to a doc about it, but I’m convinced it just won;t ever grow back :(

  15. To all those with balding on or in general because i also have a balding the middle head. hairfinity works miracles with this kind of problem. i took before and after pics and i.must say this has been the only.thing

  16. I am 24 years old and have dealt with female patterned hair loss since I was 14 years old. It ruined my confidence so much and I have tried countless hair pills and shampoos (ex: Nioxin shampoo). Of course we all have different type of hair, so naturally different products work for all of us. The Lady Soma Biotin 10K supplement is a miracle product for me!! Even my friends and family have complimented me on how much thicker my hair has gotten, because they have seen how thin it was before. It may not work for you, but the Lady Soma Biotin definitely worked for me.

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