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i have lost the hair on the front of my lower leg below my knee. the rest of my legs have hair except this part. can you tell me why this is and ways to get the hair to grow there again. i am a 35 year old male. thank you.

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This is unusual. You should start by checking your Testosterone and DHT levels. Body hair is a ‘benefit’ of DHT. That includes leg hair (and the appropriate target genes), nose and ear hair, and body hair. Many men in our modern society do not look forward to the increase in these hairs!

Checking with a good dermatologist would be a start for leg hair loss. Is this a pattern in your family?

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  1. I have lost leg hair on the sides of both my legs below the knees. The loss is perfectly symmetrical on both legs. I know it isn’t because of tight fitting socks since the other side of each leg still has a full coat of hair.
    I haven’t checked with a dermatologist yet.

  2. I’m pushing 40 and last year the hair below the knee started falling out too. head, chest ,etc all normal. The shin is all shiny too, It seems like the skin is smoother and tighterthan the rest of my body.

  3. i have never had hair on my legs or arms well at least much not enough to see unless your looking right at it up close why have i never grown hair on my legs?

  4. Hello, I just turned 64 and I’m very puzzled by
    what has happened to me in the last 8 months or
    less. Loss almost all hair on legs, chest, and
    stomach and the skin has become very soft.
    What is causing this condition?? Worried! Leonard

  5. I have also noticed in the last couple of years the loss of hair on both legs below the knees. I have heard that tight socks can cause this and have also noticed that tight jeans can rub the hair off the fronts of my thighs. I’ve started wearing loose socks, pushing my socks down to my ankles or wearing socks that don’t reach far above the ankle. So far (after 6 or 8 months) I’ve noticed very slight increase in hair below the knee, but no where near what it used to be. But maybe with time… Never thought I cared so much about the hair on my legs, but now that it’s gone, I want it back!

  6. Umm, most of these symptoms indicate circulation problems (blood flow) in the lower legs, and may even indicate a pretense for diabetes… It has NOTHING to do with the levels of testosterone in your body, especially if the skin is taut and shiny. Get yourself checked, and look for plaque buildup in the lower legs which restricts the blood flow. Good luck.

  7. I’m a 43 year old male and have had very hairy legs. I just recently noticed about 50 percent hair loss on the outer side of my calves below the knee and to the ankle All other hair is normal. It appears I’ve shaved my legs and they are growing out! It even feels partially stubby. Again, while there is hair, it is less than what it was. I’m very concerned about this. A friend told me it migh represent a circulation issue. Scary stuff for obvious reason, plus…I like the hair on my legs (one of my best features…lol). Thanks for any updated info that might be available.

  8. I’ve had the same hair loss on my shins. Roughly 6 – 8 inches below my kneecap in front and below calf muscle in back, down to ankle front and back. It first started when I was 22 and about a year into my trucking career. I wore lace boots and socks almost every day for 12 to 16 hours a day. Mostly sitting and driving all the time with very little exercise. My shins would be knumb and itch at the same time. The hair would either fall out or I would pull it out to alleviate itching at the end of the day. I’m now 33 and exercise regularly and wear looser boots to help with lower leg circulation, but after several years of this change, the hair still won’t grow back! Except for a few sprigs in the bald zone. If I pull one out, it feels dead (no pain) and has a large white root. The hair is also brittle, but I also have short brittle hair on upper legs from wearing jeans all the time. Is this something to be concerned about other than odd looks at the pool?

  9. I`ve lost hair on the outer side of my shins down to my ankle on either leg. I used to have really dry skin there and socks etc used to irritate me like a bitch, probably the washing powder I used. Changed washing powder and I dont have the itching problem anymore since I switched to dove soap. Not bothered if it grows back or not, but does look a bit odd. I also lost hair on my right knee, or just to the right of it anyway, but that was due to a car hitting it, its as numb as a whore`s minge there, lol. So bottom line, unless you`ve been hit by a car lately or lost all nerve endings in that area, dont worry about it. Dermatologist is the way to go if you are concerned – or switch to Dov 😛

  10. Noooooo…. not terribly unusual… I am 38 yrs old and have noticed this unfortunate loss of hair on the back of the calves over the last several years… White Anglo-Saxon who may attribute the loss on the top of my head that equals the loss on the legs… ha. Certain that there is some mathematical formula for this… heh-heh!

  11. I’m 46 and have grown back my leg hair. I started losing it when I was 40 and have very hairy legs, so the loss on the back of my calf and where my sox are during the winter months looked very silly.
    I grew it back by doing the following – although I’m not sure if it was one thing or probably a combination.
    1. Do not put soap or detergents on your legs AT ALL. Use a soft cloth and hair conditioner only.
    2. Take Borage Oil Capsules- High in Omega 6 AND Linoleic Acid (LA) also high in Gamma-Liolenic Acid (GLA) **IMPORTANT**
    3. Take some kind of high potency Methyl-Solfonyl-Methane (commonly called MSM) and Glucosamine supplements.
    4. I also take Folic Acid along with a multi-vitamin.
    5. I put something called Pure MSM Lotion made by TriMedica – although maybe and lotion with MSM in it would do. This is also very important since it seems the hair on my legs gets brittle and breaks off.
    I started doing this and within a few months all my leg hair was back. I stopped for a few months – and lost my leg hair again, so I guess it is going to be an ongoing process.
    You can get the above things online – vitaminworld.com or vitaminlife.com or any other place that sells vitamin and health supplements.

  12. When I was 14, my classmate talked me into shaving our legs, my legs had thin hair then, problem today is, the hair never grew back normally although the hair in my front leg seems fine, my calves have bald spots, i’m asian and i’m 20 now, this has been really bothering me, what can i do to grow hair on my legs? i have taken note of your comments and i’ll try to follow them

  13. An area above my calves about 3 inches above the angle are going bald all the way around. It’s the area that my socks typically cover. I have a blood monitor, and I have high bloodsugar, so there you have it. I haven’t been diagnosed with diabetes, even though I’ve asked a doctor about my diabetic symptoms. Maybe I don’t have diabetes, but I still have to monitor my bloodsugar; so I just mobilize around the facts I have, and that’s all I can do right now. The balding of the ancles confuses me too. I’m just curious to know if all this has some sort of an explanation.

  14. I’m 38. I have bald areas on both my lower shins.
    When I was in my early 20’s I went out with a girl who saw a doctor because the lower half of her shins were constantly itching. The skin began to appear red and unhealthy looking. She also said the hair seemed to be thinning there (but being a girl she didn’t mind that). It was difficult to know the extent of any hair loss because she was always shaving or waxing her legs.

    Her doctor gave her some kind of intensive moisturising cream. After a few weeks it appeared to do the trick – and I think we both forgot about it.

    However, after living with her for about 6 months, I noticed my own shins were beginning to itch a little and I could see the skin there had become flaky and very dry. I was lazy when it came to applying creams and slowly the hair began to thin. When I finally made the effort to use the cream everyday, it seemed to be ineffective. Within a year or 2 I had no hair at all on the front part of my lower shins and the skin is stil rather pink and sore looking – though it doesn’t itch or feel sore.

    Of course it’s possible that my ex and I shared this odd condition by coincidence, but I’ve always assumed that this must be some kind of transferable infection of the skin – perhaps bacterial. I (like my ex) have no skin or hair issues anywhere else – it is just our shins.!!

    I don’t believe it has anything to do with my socks or other clothing. I also don’t think I have bad circulation or am on my way to becoming a diabetic. I have had 3 very thorough medicals in the past 5 years – for visa purposes and other things, and I’m always told I am in very good health. I asked one doctor about my shins during one of these medicals and he said he didn’t know what it was, and then added if it hadn’t become any worse in the last few years there was no point in worrying about it.

    Well, I’m not worried, but I am curious to know what it is. And (just as someone else has written above) this condition prevents me from wearing shorts (at least without long socks) or going to the beach or swimming baths etc, because my legs just look very odd. I have very hairy legs and the bald areas look unnatural – as though I began to wax and then changed my mind!

    Does anybody have any ideas?

  15. I too have a hair loss problem on my lower legs. It is primarily where my socks are, but, also, they are mostly hairless all over the back and outside of my calves ( I dont wear socks there lol). I might add that a series of things happened beginning about 2-3 years ago: I developed a numbness in both of my big toes (it hasn’t gone away), I get infrequent open sores on my right leg, which a dermatologist said cannot be cured. Sometimes, after healing, it leaves noticeable scars behind. I have other leg issues which are probably not related, but it’d kind of queer, and quite maddening that my toes, feet, and legs have multiple issues, all arising in a similar time frame. Oh!yeah, i might as well say that the other problem is brown discoloration in my feet, which is slowly traveling up my legs. A dermatologist said that it is incurable, but for some people, including doctors, lack of faith seems to be incurable as well. Posting these issues is a good thing. People need to help each other. Unfortunately, most doctors are like most everyone else: It’s just a job, and they don’t really take it too seriously. Great people take their job’s home with them, because they care about results, and helping people. Good luck to everyone. btw, I am 60 years old.

  16. I have the same problem as most of the rest of you. I’m 44 and the outsides and back of my calves [but not the front or inside] are as smooth and hairless as a baby’s heinie.
    The testosterone hypothesis fails, because the rest of me is as hairy as ever.
    The tight socks/rubbing pants hypothesis fails because I’ve always worn the same kind of jeans and socks, yet did not use to have this problem.
    Maybe Obama will fund an economy-boosting research project to investigate this important issue.

  17. I hope this helps. I know alot of men, esp. those in white collar professions wear polyester pants that rub up against their shins. Saw this study and decided to post the abstract for this study.

    1: Dermatology. 1993;187(4):239-42.Links

    Comment in:
    Dermatology. 1993;187(4):233-4.

    Polyester but not cotton or wool textiles inhibit hair growth.
    Shafik A.

    Department of Surgery and Research, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt.

    The effect of different types of textile fabrics on hair growth was investigated in 40 mongrel dogs divided into 5 groups. An area of 10 x 20 cm on the dog’s back was shaved; half of this area was covered by a textile patch of 100% polyester material in the 1st group, 100% cotton in the 2nd group, 100% wool in the 3rd group and a 50%/50% polyester/cotton blend in the 4th group. The remaining half of the shaved area in the 4 groups as well as the whole area in the 5th group (control) were left uncovered. The textile patch was worn for 2 months. The polyester-covered hair grew at a significantly lower rate and density than in the uncovered area of the same animal and the controls (p 0.05) against the uncovered area and controls. In the polyester-covered skin, a thinning of the epidermis of the skin was noted microscopically with fragmentation and vacuolation of the hair follicle pulp. The study has shown that the polyester material generated electrostatic potentials, which may have inhibited hair growth, whereas cotton and woolen textiles did not. Friction between the polyester textile and the skin generates electrostatic charges which are suggested to create an ‘electrostatic field’ that seems to be responsible for the inhibited hair growth.

  18. Just to add that most pajamas are made of at least 50% polyester. Don’t know if bedsheets or blankets are polyester, however.

  19. I’ve had this problem since I was a teenager. I’m 35 now. I have pretty hairy legs, but from the top of the tube sock area down, the hair is mostly gone on both legs. I’m pretty sure it was tight socks as a teenager because there was a time that that area was always irritated and sore, but I kept wearing the socks anyways. I always covered it by wearing socks so I didn’t worry about it much until a few years ago when I became a shorts and sandals guy.

    The first thing I did was I quit wearing tube socks altogether, but after about 2 years of wearing nothing but ankle socks, it’s obvious it’s not going to grow on it’s own. I also tried to scour the internet for a solution and came across this page and the comment above from the guy who says he has regrown his leg hair with a combination of supplements and MSM lotion. I didn’t get the supplements he suggested, but I did get the lotion. I used it for 2 or 3 months and actually did notice a slight improvement. It was still nowhere close to what I wanted, and eventually stopped using the lotion. I’ve just started using it again and this time will try it with the Borage Oil and Folic Acid as suggested.

    In the meantime, I actually use a hair trimmer on my legs during the summer which helps a lot in not making the baldness stand out on my legs, but still leaves enough hair that it doesn’t look shaved. That and a good tan makes my self-conscienceness about it go away.

    I’m wondering why this page has been up for years now with tons of comments and only the one guy says he has a solution? Has anyone else tried anything that did or didn’t work?

  20. I am 40, inside of my lower legs below my knee are hairy, the outside of my legs below the knee are shiny and virtually hair free. I work from home, wear short every day and rarely ever wear socks. It is definitely not a pants/socks issue.

  21. I’m 49 and lost the hair on the back of my calves so long ago, that I can’t remember at what age It happened. Probably my early 20’s. Back then I worked cattle ranches, Infested with rattlesnakes, and always wore tube socks and tall topped cowboy boots, because of them. I always assumed, that I lost the hair on the back of my calves, because of the extreme heat and those boots….they were always hot, and tended to rub on the back of the calves !!! I quit that line of work at about age 35, but the hair never grew back :( !!! Since then I have worked In just as hot an environment, and always worn jeans with crew socks…but when the day Is done…It’s shorts and flip flops ! I was diagnosed with high cholesterol about 10 years ago and blew It off…I know STUPID !!! Last year they told me I had high blood pressure ! I finally went In for a full check up, and to date they have me on cholesterol meds that have been Increased, because they are not bringing It down….the blood pressure meds do the trick just fine. I am also, what my doc calls border line on the thyroid ! I have for many years eaten a lot of salt, and drank all the beer I wanted…at the same time, I have that Bow Flex body the guy on TV braggs about, and do nothing for It, except live and work, the lifestyle I always have. As a kid I had Eczema on the back of my calves, where the hair loss Is ! I would break out In sores, and being a kid I would scratch and make them worse ! The doc gave my Mother some cream to rub on, and It never worked! He also told my Mother that I needed to wear white cotton jeans with no dye…that had no effect either !!! Finally I got real Blue jeans, and the eczema went away, and has never returned….at about age 10 or 12 the hair started to grow, and covered my legs 100% !!! To this day, I have not had any problems with eczema, or any other rashes on my calves !!! I have no answer for this hair loss, but I wish I did, because like so many of you…It looks like crap, to have hairy legs with bare back calves 😉 LOL !!! I honestly think, my problem was caused by a combination of things…. mostly, those tube socks and cowboy boots, In the extreme heat, as that’s when the hair came out !!! Maybe, all those years of wearing that attire, killed the hair follicles to the point they could never grow back. I don’t know, but maybe somebody will read this post and come up with an answer

  22. 35 yr old male here who has been losing hair on the lower half of my calves in addition to the outer sides. My entire frontal part of my calves and inner sides still have hair with zero loss. I went to my derm and she believes it “could” be caused by friction and not much can be done. I also must note that I have red bumps in the hair loss areas indicating inflammation. The friction can not be caused by pants because I wear my socks high to prevent chaffing on the middle part of my calves (yes it works). However, I have noticed the way I sleep at night when laying on my back – one leg straight while the other leg is bent laying on its side (foot near other leg knee). The friction between switching leg positions back and forth could be my cause. I always thought it was funny my lower calf hair loss began a few years ago when I changed to new sheets I bought. And get this…they have 50% polyester in them – see poster April 30, 2009 above and “electrostatic charges.” I find this very interesting in my case. Needless to say before reading such, I did switch to an all organic 100% cotton sheets I bought from Khols back in March. Not sure if such sheets are helping cause my red bumps could be inflammation from the sleep friction or be caused by some of my hairs down there growing internally??? Like others here, any help would be appreciated. I am seeing my reg doc in Oct when I get my yearly physical but not hopeful he has answers.

  23. After I posted the above, this also occurred to me and might explain some people’s leg hair loss below the knee if the polyester theory hold true. Many dress socks do contain a certain percentage of polyester blend in them. Just something to consider if your condition is not health related or if your socks constantly fall down (friction) throughout the day.

  24. Perhaps this issue is genetic. I have a bald spot on the front of each ankle approximately one inch above the ankle bone with each elliptical spot’s diameter ranging from one to three inches. My father and younger brother share this trait.

    Being that my legs are hairy, I have felt awkward, like others have posted, when wearing shorts and sandals. I can accept the condition, but I am inclined to feel odd when I notice people around me sneaking a glance at my ankles with puzzled expressions. I don’t blame them as I might do the same. Not too many people have inquired about the trait, but sometimes I joke that god asked me where I wanted to be bald and I chose my ankles instead of my scalp.

  25. I have the same issues with my leg hair. I’m 30 years old but have had it since I was 18 or so. It pisses me off because I used to have nice hairy legs and it looks weird. My father also has the same issue but his is less severe. He has a uniform pattern around both legs in the sock zone. I have a rising pattern on mine with the outer legs going up higher.

    I have thought it may be a circulation issue but I have a patch of hair on both legs at the lowest part of the leg where the foot bone juts out on the inside. If it were circulation I would assume that this area would be affected as well. I know my father rocks his legs at night and my gf’s in the past say that I do the same thing. This must have something to do with it.

    The skin without hair is healthy looking but it is baby smooth and the hair follicles are gone. I notice that as it moves upward that before the hair falls out the follicles seem to exit the skin. The roots become partially exposed. Constant rubbing at night is my best guess.

    I just saw a PAD commercial on TV which inspired me to look some things up about it. I’m about to do a blood pressure test on my arms and then ankles. They say that the ankles should be about 90% the pressure and that lower than that is cause for worry.

    Well, I am befuddled by the results. 121/82 and 123/83 in my arm which is optimal. 156/112 and 155/106 on my ankle. That’s hypertension territory. If anything I was expecting to find lower pressure not higher.

    I’m researching in another tab as I go and it seems that stiffened arteries in the legs can produce false highs. Now I’m freaking out a bit. I’m currently laid off and have no insurance. I guess I need to get to a doctor on this shit. Hopefully some of you others will do this same test on yourselves and post the results.

  26. There’s nothing unusual about men losing some hair on their lower legs as they age. In fact, it often happens fairly early, in one’s 20’s. Some don’t lose hair there. In any event, what’s most common is that most males’ legs will be hairiest when they’re in their teens. Even those men who keep an even spread of hair on their legs more often than not will have less dense hair on their legs than they did in high school.

  27. Look up “Venous Stasis”, “Venous Insufficiency” and “Diabetes”. Venous Stasis is caused by Venous Insufficiency, which is often caused by Diabetes. Many people with Diabetes also have “Insulin Resistance”. Some people with Insulin Resistance are only “Borderline Diabetics”, meaning that they fall just below the criteria for full-blown Diabetes. People who are borderline, can still have many of the complications and symptoms of Diabetes.

    Venous Insufficiency is where the veins in the legs don’t return blood, properly, back to the heart, causing blood to “pool” (collect) in the lower legs. This can lead to breakdown of the skin and other tissue, in that area, causing Hair Loss, itching, Ulcers, Stasis Dermatitis, sores, thin skin, blemishes, spots and infections. This is a big problem, for people with Diabetes, because it puts the patient at high risk for amputation, due to infections (especially in the feet). That’s why you always hear that Diabetics have to take really good care of their feet. By the way, if it is determined that you have Diabetes, I would recommend getting some Diabetic Socks – they’re expensive, but definitely worth it. You can, sometimes, get lucky and find them at a discount (for example, I recently found six pairs, at $1 each, at my local dollar store, and they are really nice!).

    I’ve read that Compression Hose are great for circulation problems and hair loss associated with such. It’s the perfect time of year, to be wearing them, because they are hidden by pants/jeans (and, they help protect your feet and legs from the cold). But, that’s putting the cart before the horse. Always check with your Doctor, before implementing any new medical device/apparatus/clothing/etc..

    Anyway, I could go into tons of detail, but you will find much more reliable information, by searching for these terms, on your favorite medical website (or, you can search, using a search engine, but make sure that you only click on links to reputable sites).

    Good luck and keep me updated, as I have the same problem and am currently checking my Glucose level, on a daily basis. My Doctor will be reviewing my results, to determine whether I have full Diabetes. I have also had other tests, related to this: for example, an EMG (this is where they send electrical shocks through selected parts of your body, to determine if any Nerve Damage has been sustained – in my case, they tested my feet, legs & hands and discovered that I have suffered moderate nerve damage in my feet and hands). The Doctor also took into consideration, a blood test, which I had several years ago (though, I’m not sure why he didn’t just go ahead and order a new one, but anyway . . .) – it’s called “Hgb A1c” and it’s used to provide a picture of the average amount of glucose in the blood over the last few months. The result of the test should be “<6%” (mine was 5.5% and that was several years ago – my health has gotten much worse, since then).

    There are many other tests, used to tell how severe a person’s Diabetes is, but first, your Doctor will most likely order only the tests necessary, to determine whether or not you even have Diabetes.

    The above information is based on internet research, which I have conducted over the years, and should not be construed as sound medical advice. I am simply providing some possibilities, for you to consider (and research) and, hopefully, discuss with your Doctor, to get a diagnosis/treatment plan.

    Have a great day. :-)

  28. I am 45 and noticed the same baldness years ago. I have very hairy legs but I’m bald on the lower part on the outside of my calf. Appears that I shaved but the skin there is baby smooth and totally hairless (no stubble). I always assumed it was my jeans rubbing but I just figured it out today.

    When my kids were first born, they rubbed the hair from sides of their head and made themselves bald in small patches. This was caused by nightly rubbing…turning their head from side to side while laying in their bassinet when they were infants. The hair obviously grew back as they aged.

    I have the same issue going on with my lower legs, on both sides. When I lay on my side in bed, the bald portion lays flat against the sheet. This means I’m rubbing my leg in my sleep. My wife complains that I’m a leg twitcher in my sleep and she also reports that several times she has caught me running in my sleep…laying in bed with my legs moving in a running motion. The rub off is occurring nightly in my sleep. Ahhh haaaaaa!

  29. I am a 35 year old male and really just noticed I don’t have any outer part of my legs below the knee. I really never noticed until I had pulled up my pants leg at work to adjust my socks and one of the girls asked if I shaved my legs. I am more perplexed than worried, but would like the hair back if possible….

  30. It’s not the lower level of testosterone per se that causes the hair loss. Testosterone is broken down by an enzyme, 5-alpha reductase, to form dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is an excess of DHT that actually causes the hair loss, not the deficiency of t says:

    it’s not the lower level of testosterone per se that causes the hair loss. Testosterone is broken down by an enzyme, 5-alpha reductase, to form dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is an excess of DHT that actually causes the hair loss, not the deficiency of testosterone.
    Progesterone acts as an inhibitor of 5-alpha reductase, but older men experience a reduction in progesterone levels. This in turn cause increased 5-alpha reductase activity, which causes in increase in DHT, which shuts down follicles. Whew!

  31. I am 30yrs old man and have no leg hair grown since my teenage years. During puberty, hair starts to grow near knee areas around 10 hair each. Also, I am not having beard, though very sparse countable sets( unnoticible) of mouthache hair. My body hair are still very thin and white, un-noticible like hair grown in women.
    Don’t know wat to do?

  32. 21 year old male.. lost a lot of hair from the knee down 2-3 years ago.. suspected circulatory problem. legs otherwise and until this point 2-3 years ago had a uniform thick density of hair. think some follicles have been destroyed but the weird thing is that in the worst area of hairloss on my outer left leg, some of the hairs grow at normal speed but most of the hairs dont grow beyond a few millimetres. so there are lots of hairs there but they wont grow beyond stubble.. its like the growth is stunted.. is this unheard of?

  33. I have recently found out what my problem was, i am 40 yrs old and was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I wondered about this for about a year and asked many proffesionals their opinion. After i was diagnosed my doctor got me on an exercise program( walking 30 mins a day) and eating right. I used to sit most of the day at work and come home and sit on the computer and couch. I was completly bald on the calves and shin to my ankles. He explained it was from poor blood flow and circulation and now after 6 months being kind of active my hair is back dam who would have thought. So please go get you blood work done and hope this helped.

  34. Hi. I’m the guy who posted that study about polyester inhibiting hair growth. Here’s another study you might be interested.

    Endocrinology. 2002 Nov;143(11):4389-96.
    Vitamin D3 analogs stimulate hair growth in nude mice.
    Vegesna V, O’Kelly J, Uskokovic M, Said J, Lemp N, Saitoh T, Ikezoe T, Binderup L, Koeffler HP.
    SourceCedars-Sinai Medical Center/University of California Los Angeles School of Medicine, Los Angeles, California 90048, USA.

    The active form of vitamin D3 can regulate epidermal keratinization by inducing terminal differentiation; and mice lacking the vitamin D receptor display defects leading to postnatal alopecia. These observations implicate the vitamin D3 pathway in regulation of hair growth. We tested the ability of 1,25 dihydroxyvitamin D3 and its synthetic analogs to stimulate hair growth in biege/nude/xid (BNX) nu/nu (nude) mice exhibiting congenital alopecia. Nude mice were treated with different vitamin D3 analogs at doses that we had previously found to be the highest dose without inducing toxicity (hypercalcemia). The mice were monitored for hair growth and were scored according to a defined scale. Skin samples were taken for histological observation of hair follicles and for extraction of RNA and protein. Vitamin D3 analogs dramatically stimulated the hair growth of nude mice, although parental 1,25 dihydroxyvitamin D3 had no effect. Hair growth occurred in a cyclical pattern, accompanied by formation of normal hair follicles and increased expression of certain keratins (Ha7, Ha8, and Hb3). Vitamin D3 analogs seem to act on keratinocytes to initiate hair follicle cycling and stimulate hair growth in mice that otherwise do not grow hair.

    PMID:12399436[PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE] Free full text

    ….There’s evidence that Vit. D needs omega 3 fatty acids to be properly absorbed. That might be why that one of the posters used borage oil and regrew his hair. Hope this helps again.

  35. If you ate over 40 and are suddenly losing patches of hair from legs…check if you have the following symptoms. Gi or stomach problems, fatigue , joint pain, lose of body hair, shin discoloration. My son was just diagnosed with hemachromotosis. It’s an iron issue that is often mis diagnosed and can cause liver damage. Simple old work… Check your iron!

  36. It is not a sock problem (tho I am sure constant socks dont help it and could cause some hair loss) because I do not wear any socks higher than the ankle. I am also in shorts most of the year and I have the same outter lower 5 inches of leg hair loss. I hate it. At one time it grew back in somewhat, now it is thinning again. Perhaps a vitamin and supplement thing as mentioned above would help. I know it is commen in men, esp older men. I see it often on my male patients and most the time on older men. I am 30. I am going to try the supplements and moisturizing more.

  37. I have to agree with Scott. since going to school and doing homework at the age of 56, notice a substantial hair loss outside of lower legs. Scott has mentioned its a lack of physical activity, which I have not done for 5 straight terms.
    Before going to school, I was very active with work and after work activities.

  38. My best guess is that you have alopecia areata. Although most people with this common hair complaint have it on their scalp or beard, it can happen anywhere. The cause is unknown. Many books claim it’s caused by “stress,” but I don;t believe that’s true. There’s no effective treatment for leg involvement. It does run in families to some extent, but that doesn’t mean for sure that your father had the same thing. For proper diagnosis, you’ll need to see a dermatologist in person. Other than appearance, alopecia has little or no medical significance. That it affects your legs does not mean it will affect your scalp. But of course you’ll need to be examined in person to have the diagnosis substantiated.

  39. A bald spot or thinning hair at the front of the lower leg (just above the ankle) is usually due to adrenal insufficiency. The adrenal glands are the small glands that sit on top of the kidneys. Symptoms are fatigue. (From the body making less adrenalin etc.) However, symptoms may vary depending on the person. I have seen things such as weight gain, weight loss, sunken cheeks or puffy cheeks (if associated with allergies). Symptoms can sneak up on you so slowly you may not recognize them until you are exhausted or etc. There are two types of treatments—natural and prescription. I am a medical doctor but I still recommend starting with the natural. (Which still requires a doctors order to obtain)For information on the natural email me at glassearth@rocketmail.com–see also below.

    If you have developed a gut larger than 34 inches for women and over 36 inches for men you also need to have your insulin level drawn (not the same as glucose level but have it checked too) preferably NOT fasting. High insulin causes atherosclerosis or plaques in the arteries) Mild adrenal insufficiency and Addison’s disease are not the same thing and treated very differently. If you are light headed when standing up, have low blood pressure, fatigue so bad you cannot dress yourself, or disorientation call 911. If it is mild fatigue, hair loss over the lower legs, times with cold shoulders email me.

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