How Young Will Balding Start?

What is the % of white men that eventually go completely bald, and partly the worry about the male baldness is my son’s best friend is almost completely bald with very thin follicles on top at age 27, how young does one start to experience MPB to have this stage of loss by age 27, he’s literally NW 6 1/2 if that’s on the Norwood scale

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The statistics are that about 45% of men will have some clinical balding by the time they are 45. I have seen the process start at 16 years old and some reports have placed it as early as 12 years old. Most of the really bald men see some sign of balding by the time they are 21 (clearly evident on high magnification views with miniaturized hairs with thin shafts). The real question still unanswered is can this all be stopped when the advanced balding young men start Propecia early enough. At the age of 27, the pattern in the man you are talking about will probably be a Norwood Class 7 balding pattern. Class 7 on the Norwood scale.

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  1. me again just 2 add to my last comment i pretty much had enuff of my hair u no and have dandruff so i was thinking if there was a way and seeing as how ur a doctor i coud seek my need and then be dun

  2. I suspect it is due to all those nukes they detonated in the atmosphere all those years during and after the second world war.
    One of the main symptoms of radio active poisoning is hair loss.
    If they detonated that amount of bombs tomorrow.
    We would call it world war three, (WW3)
    We have been consuming foods grown in radio active contaminated soil for years.
    While I was in The RAF, I was told that any nuclear fall out takes hundreds of years to vanish, and so far its only been 30-40 years.

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