Female Bald Spot — Alopecia Areata?

Hey Dr. Rassman, I just found out this bald patch in my head and wondering if there’s anything i can do to prevent it from getting worst? I’m 27f and there’s no bald history in my family that I know of. My hair is thinning as well, and have not tried any products at all… what kind of re-grow hair products would you recommend?


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If you have a bald patch that appeared on your head, I would be concerned that you might have Alopecia Areata (search this site). First, get to see a good dermatologist. This can be a serious problem and it should not be washed away with topical solutions and hair care products.

8 thoughts on “Female Bald Spot — Alopecia Areata?

  1. I am a 14 year old Female. Year 10 and have a bald patch at the back of my head, my hair is realy thin and i want it to go away and hair grow there and have thick hair you can see my skelp easy and would like to have thick hair. Is there any way were lazer treatment or nething that will make me get thick hair and the patch go away? What is wrong with my head/hair??

  2. i am 13. I have really thick hair and i am known for having great locks. This year a bald spot grew right on top of my head, towards the back of my scalp. It shows unless I am constantly fixing it. I use a side part to cover it, but the more it grows toward my part, the harder it is to keep it covered. Anyway, I am going to sleepaway camp soon and they do lice checks the first day. Whomever is going to check my head with find this rather large growing bald spot and I am so scared, ashamed, and embarassed. Someone please give me some advice!

  3. About one month ago, I found a nickel sized bald spot on my scalp. It now is the size of two quarters. About one week ago my hairstylist found 3 small – new spots. How long will it be before the bald spot stops spreading and getting bigger. I am scared that it will turn into Alopecia Totalis. What is the possibility it will turn into totalis. Does anyone know the general length in time it takes before my hairloss stops to spread?

  4. hi
    I am a female 21, I have a bald spot at the top of my head. I don’t know who to go to and when this will end. are there any possibilities other than Alopecia Areata? I seriously feel damn upset and I don’t know what to do.

  5. Im 16 years old and i have a bald spot on the top of my head thats pretty noticable unless i part it a certain way. It doesnt seem to be getting any bigger but it doesnt seem to be going away either. Ive been to a skin demotologist twice and each time she has injected the spot with steroids to help it grow back faster. It doesnt seem to have done anything and it has been there for 8 months. What should i do? im sick of being 16 and bald. (by the way the rest of my hair is really thick except for that spot)

  6. hi people.im also alopecia areata patient….2 months back i got 5 spots on my head-3 very small and 2 coin sized….i went to dermatologist,he gave me minoxidil 5% and a steroid cream as well as injected cortisone injections to bald spots.now all spots are filled with hairs….and with minoxidil use i can see new regroth of hairs even on my forehead….pls see ur dematologist soon….all the best!

  7. help me please am getting bald i live in holland plz i am 13 years old i need help my forhead is a little bit bald plz help me we boys need help because evre boy likes a girl and the girl dont like the boys because we have hair am using wax murrays suppirior plz i hope you can help me evre body laughing on me

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