My scalp produces too much sebum and there is a wax like build up around the hair follicles. As a result I am losing hair. My hair roots are not nourished properly and then fall out very easily. Surprisingly there is no sebum or wax build up on the sides and rear of the head and the hair is perfectly healthy in that area. Its the vertex part that is effected. Nothing seems to help. I am writing with a lot of hope…please suggest me something. I have started taking zinc sulphate and B6 and sebum production have reduced a bit. Thank you.

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Sebum does not cause hair loss, contrary to what many people say, but the things we do to keep it down, does often cause hair loss. Shampoo regularly, possibly twice a day to keep the sebum down. Have your scalp mapped out to determine if your have miniaturization and genetic hair loss. Let’s be smart about how this is approached. Get a good doctor and get a diagnosis in your hand so that you know what has to be done.