do you know if mtg also known as Mane-Tail-Groom hair products are safe i know that when they first came out it was for men with hair loss but more recently has been used for horse hair, so is it safe for humans to use.

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I would doubt that any permanent damage would be done by using Mane-Tail-Groom hair products on your scalp and hair, but it would not be my first choice. When I had horses, they were kept outside and were used more for riding, and I am sorry to say that I did not spend a lot of time grooming them, so I am not familiar with the myriad of grooming products for horses. I asked one of my patients about this, and he told me that this is common family of products used for hair loss and hair grooming in his native Ireland (for people). It is used especially with horses trained for the competitive dressage market in Europe. Many Irishmen liked the results on horses so much that they used it on themselves. When I mentioned this family of products to my female office staff, a few commented that it worked nicely to make the hair glow and shine. There is anecdotal evidence that it may have value for humans, so the final laugh may be on me as I announce my ignorance to all of my readers.

The actual herb is taken from a plant called equiseteum, which is a botanical that has been recognized for its medicinal purposes in cultural lure. There are many claims of benefits that cover curing urinary infections, bleeding, helping broken bones, brittle nails, arthritis, athlete’s foot and hair regrowth due to its high silica content. Frankly, I don’t know much about these things and am frightened by its wide range of claims, but then again, I have not spoken to any of the horses myself about how they felt about the product line.