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do you know if mtg also known as Mane-Tail-Groom hair products are safe i know that when they first came out it was for men with hair loss but more recently has been used for horse hair, so is it safe for humans to use.

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I would doubt that any permanent damage would be done by using Mane-Tail-Groom hair products on your scalp and hair, but it would not be my first choice. When I had horses, they were kept outside and were used more for riding, and I am sorry to say that I did not spend a lot of time grooming them, so I am not familiar with the myriad of grooming products for horses. I asked one of my patients about this, and he told me that this is common family of products used for hair loss and hair grooming in his native Ireland (for people). It is used especially with horses trained for the competitive dressage market in Europe. Many Irishmen liked the results on horses so much that they used it on themselves. When I mentioned this family of products to my female office staff, a few commented that it worked nicely to make the hair glow and shine. There is anecdotal evidence that it may have value for humans, so the final laugh may be on me as I announce my ignorance to all of my readers.

The actual herb is taken from a plant called equiseteum, which is a botanical that has been recognized for its medicinal purposes in cultural lure. There are many claims of benefits that cover curing urinary infections, bleeding, helping broken bones, brittle nails, arthritis, athlete’s foot and hair regrowth due to its high silica content. Frankly, I don’t know much about these things and am frightened by its wide range of claims, but then again, I have not spoken to any of the horses myself about how they felt about the product line.

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  1. hey there,in regards to the shapley’s m-t-g (mane tail groom),i would like to say that so far it has really worked on my horses mane and tail,the hair on both has grown almost an inch after one for ingredients,ive heard that they are top secret.i do know the product has a very distinct,and to some people its an offending odor.i will compare it to smoked bacon or bbq smoke (yummy if you ask me!). yesterday i applied it to his mane and tail for the second time (you should only apply it liberally once every five to seven days and massage it down to the skin,or in your case the scalp).otherwise ive heard it causes the hair to fall can get it

  2. I have heard of people who use it to grow their eyelashes longer, and to make their hair grow at a faster rate. I myself have personally used it. It didn’t make my hair drop out, it did help my hair grow (rubbing some in and then washing it out. I wouldn’t use it like it is recommended for horses but I still think people can use it safely without the hair loss). Stinks like I dunno what, but that can be countered with a little peppermint oil.

    As for why it works, well it has a high sulfur content, hence the bacon smell. Rubbing it onto your scalp will provide your hair follicle with a rich source of sulfur that it can be used in the construction of hair. Since hair is keratin, a protein, the sulfur is used to stabilize the tertiary structure of the protein in the form of disulphide bridges. MTG must have a form of sulfur that is efficiently absorbed and utilized by the cells of the hair follicle allowing the cells to increase their output of completed protein molecules for hair construction. In other words, just rubbing any ol’ sulfur into your scalp will not make your hair grow better or faster, you need a type the body can easily use.

    I am not knowledgeable of the other substances in MTG and I am not sure about what it can do for bald men. I do know that it is good food for the scalp (as long as it is not overdone). I am sure increasing dietary intake of a type of organic sulfur that is easily digestible and can be used by the cells would also have the same effects, although applying the MTG right to the scalp concentrates the sulfur on the hair and not throughout the body (since we are beings of protein, that sulfur is going to be distributed everywhere and you’ll get less to your scalp than you would by applying it directly onto your scalp).

    Hope that helps. 😀

  3. Hi. I am 26 years old and I have been shedding hair like crazy over the past two years…..
    I am not sure why this is happening. It’s not genetic or hormonal because I got my blood tests done and I don’t have thyroid problems. I just want to know what the best remedy is to regrow and make hair more stronger and thicker, i have started searching in internet for hair regrowth products, recently.

    Any Help will be appreciated.


  4. I have been using Mane, Tail and Body for 11 months and my hair has a beautiful shine and is healthly. I get highlights and lowlights to my hair every 6 months and get alot of split ends and they are very minimized in appearance and the texture has gone from coarse to soft. I love this shampoo and conditioner. I did NOT like the smell of the one in the yellow bottle though so i use the one’s in the white bottle’s. It has a softer smell to it and kinda smells more of cococunt which is an ingrediant as is olive oil. My hair is thicker and has grown 3 inches. NO JOKE! Try it. I use it on my two dogs and i have my own for my personal use. It does control dandruff as that has always been a big problem for me. A bottle lasts me for like 3 months. You have nothing to lose and no not even your hair. Good Luck and GOD BLESS

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