I am 27 years old and female, and I have always had really thick hair. Around 6 months ago, I started noticing my hair was coming out a lot when I washed, or brushed it. My hairstylist also noticed, and asked me if I had surgey, and if I had anestisia? I did about 10 months ago. I was wondering if that could be linked to it? I have also noticed that my eye on one side feels like it is straining if I look side to side or up or down, and I have expierinced migraines frequently lately. So, maybe it is stress. Either way, your imput would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes, the stress from anesthesia and surgery itself can cause hair loss, but it is temporary most of the time, particularly for women. In term of anesthesia, I am not certain if the anesthetic chemical itself causes direct hair loss or just the stress associated with the surgery, although I think that the stress may be a more significant factor in predisposed women. You may have female genetic hair loss and mapping out your scalp and hair for miniaturization might help establish or rule out this diagnosis with objective measurements. Repeating the analysis may have value after 6 months has passed if the first measurements are not definitively able to make the diagnosis.