Spider Bites in Teen Causing All Hair Loss?

1st i would like to start off with my age being 17. Up until this year i have never experenced hair loss, however in the recent months i have noticed my hair falling and still now i have “rows”, for lack of a better term, balding all over my head. more recently i have noticed all my body hair is falling from my legs, arms, underarms, and even my eyebrows.i have also noticed what i assume to be bite marks on my scalp and legs leading me to think maybe spiders have been bitting me when sleeping, and also just today i noticed a small light red spot on the back of my right hand slightly faded though still clearly visible. on top of this problem, i am also experiencing blurry vision, random blackouts meaning my eye sight becomes all black for a quick 2 seconds then returns. and finaly far away objects blur in a swirl. i have no idea if all these things come togther or if i have multiple disorders, nor have i seen any type of Doctor to professionally examine me. this left me to the internet where i found this site regarding my specific issues so that i may understand what may be occuring to my body. if you have any ideas as to what my problem could be i would appreciate it truly as any sort of advise or information will help me so much. thank you for your time and i look forward to your responce. thanks again…
Concerned Teen.

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I am not convinced that a spider bite would be the cause of your hair loss. I recommend that you visit your primary care physician to address your many problems and concerns. The internet should not be used as a replacement for what a good doctor can do for you in person.

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