Removing a Sebaceous Cyst from the Eyebrow

Hi. My 9-year-old daughter has what the plastic surgeon called a ‘sebaceous cyst’ on her left eyebrow (actually sort of in her eyebrow). It started out very small about six months ago and has become so large it distorts her eyebrow hair. He is supposed to remove it on April 5. My question is that she is terribly afraid of scarring: the doc said it won’t happen bc he’ll excise it directly in the eyebrow line. Do all of these cysts HAVE to be removed surgically? Is there any other way to remove them?

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When I was in residency training I saw a middle aged bus driver who had a sebaceous cyst on her buttock. It bothered her while she worked, sitting on her bus driver seat. I apologize if this is too graphic, but she finally came to see me when it was the size of a big orange with a foul smelling infection on top of it. When I asked her why she waited so long, she said she didn’t want surgery so she prayed for it to go away.

My point is, sebaceous cysts have the tendency to become infected and when they do, it does create a minor surgical problem, so the issue is: should they be removed? It might be in your daugther’s interest because the alternative will be, as you put it, a “distorted eyebrow” which could become a focus issues for her in her teenage years. All surgical procedures have risks. All surgical procedures will leave a scar and the eyebrow in particular may lose eyebrow hair that will not grow back. But as you have been informed by the plastic surgeon, he/she should take great care to leave a minimal scar in the most inconscpicuous place (along the eyebrow line to hide the scar).

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  1. I have a cyst on my eyebrow and need to get it remove and I have no insurance so I dont know who to call and I really need someone to check it.

  2. I had a sebaceous cyst removed from my right eyebrow when I was a child (I am in my twenties now) — recovered just fine and there is minimal scarring (no one notices unless I point it out to them and hand them a magnifying glass)

  3. I have several cyst on my head with balding around each of them, this has messed with my confidence greatly, I want them removed but I work for myself and do not have insurance, I have tried to get a position w/ insurance but because of the balding and my weight gain which I believe is from low self esteem, no one is likely to hire me, I feel like my life is getting away from me because of this, I want to feel better so I can do better, Is there any doctors that specialize in this that might be willing to do a charity case? please?
    forever grateful, viki

  4. I had a cyst on my eyebrow whichstarted ff like a piple and by the next mornin it had be come a lump and cause my lid to be almost shut. If u go to the hospital (depends on how long the cyst had grown) they wil;l give u anti-biotics and maybe drain the excise by puttn a needle and draining it with a syringe. They will numb it first doe so dnt worry. But if u have one go to te hospital immediatey before its get bigger. The longer u wait the bigger it will get and themore it will hurt and if it get o big they will have to cut in it leaving a scar on ur face

  5. I will tell you how I handled the cyst on my eyebrow.
    I took a small sowing needle soaked in in rubbing alcohol and
    punctured the cyst, being very careful, not to go too deep. It
    oozed lots of blood. Then I took a tea bag, warmed it in water, in the microwave and applied it to the area.

    The next day I took a slice of lemon, the size of a finger nail
    and held it against the cyst area. Lemon has cleansing agents. The cyst disappeared in four days.

  6. I am 44 years old and to date have had 16 cysts removed from my scalp and one from my forhead. I have another one on my head and one on my stomach that need removing. The procedure is a simple one and luckily for me one I don’t pay for as I am in the uk and we have the NHS. I am told it is hereditry, which is evident as most of my family have them on my Dads side. However everyone else only seem to have the odd one or two. My Grandma on the otherhand had one which she left for many years on the back of her head which as a child i remember being the size of a fist which she needed a skin graft for. Having said that i think this is rare. My hair has become thinner and I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this or whether this is due to something else?

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