What’s the difference between losing hair and hair breakage? If there is a difference,which are the causes of hair breakage and the possible treatments? Thanks for your time!

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DamagedHair breakage means that the the hair shaft has been broken, leaving the hair shorter and at times with split ends. There is no actual loss of the follicle/root. You will have new hair growing out continuously on the part of the hair that is emerging from the scalp. Hair breakages occur when the hair gets too long, too dry, is traumatized by vigorous brushing, or damaged in the management of grooming. Breakage can be also be due to chemical dyes or treatment, excessive blow drying , or the force of pulling the hair shafts apart from any rough handling.

The definition of hair loss means that the root/follicle disappears or become so fine (miniaturized), that it effectively has no bulk associated with it.