Ringworm and Hair Loss

Do I have Ringworm, that is scarry? Where are the worms? I looked very carefully for them and did not see them. Are they like earthworms? Here is a picture of what my doctor called Ringworms as the cause of my hair loss.

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Ringworm is a terrible term and I apologize for the medical profession’s use of it. A better term is tinea capitis and it is not a worm at all, but rather it is a fungal infection of the skin. For more info on this, please read:

This is one cause of localized hair loss that is relatively easy to treat and diagnosis is easy in the hands of a good family practice doctor or dermatologist.

Here’s a photo of what tinea capitis (better known as ringworm) infection looks like on the scalp:

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  1. Good day Sir.
    When I was pregnant I develop pus bumps in my hair. It look similar to the ringworm diagnosis. It is now seven years later and I have several patches in my head. The ringworm like sores are all gone but I dont know if my hair will ever grow back. I now started taking treatment for the hair to grow back, but I dont know if it ever grow back.
    Please let me know what to do. Will I need to do surgical hair replacement, or is there any other treatment for this type of hair loss?

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