Listing of African American Dermatologists?

Is there a way to find a national listing of African-American dermatologists? I am especially interested in those that deal with Seborrheic Dermatitis in African-Americans. I have had this condition since high school and I am now 27 years old. I am seeking an African-American simply because other dermatologist seem to have shampoos/treatments they want me to use on a daily basis. As an African-American woman, I cannot do that or my hair will be damaged. My hope is to find someone who has researched alternative treatments due our hair type.

Thank you.

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The listing services do not go by race, so that would be a difficult distinction to make. You might see Dr. Pearl Grimes, an African American Dermatologist extraordinaire here in Los Angeles if you are on the West Coast or would be willing to make a trip to meet with her. Dr. Grimes is the Director of the Vitiligo and Pigmentation Institute of Southern California, and is also a Clinical Professor of Dermatology at UCLA.

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  1. Additionally, two other options are:
    Contact the National Medical Association (NMA), an organization of African-American physicians 202-347-1895; Contact medical schools such as Howard University in Washington, DC; Meharry in Tennessee; Morehouse in Atlanta, GA. For example, my husband attended Howard’s medical school and they have released an alumni directory that lists specialties.



  4. Susan C. Taylor is an AA dermatologist with practices in Philadelphia and NYC. She is the founding director of the Skin of Color Center at St. Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital in NYC. Her website is She will be doing a nationwide book signing in 6/08 – checkout the website for locations. Hope this is helpful.

  5. Sueann Cole…there is an african american dermatologist in Tampa…see below…

    Thomas Taylor
    4200 N Armenia Ave Ste 1
    Michael A Scannon MD
    Tampa, FL 33607-6451

  6. In Charlotte NC, a great African American Dermatologist is Peggy Fuller. Her site is She is so good that she doesn’t accept insurance or file, but takes payment up front and appointments are difficult to get. The initial consult can be up to $180.

    Esthetics Center for Dermatology
    (704) 370-2700
    353 Clement Ave
    Charlotte, NC 28204

    Otherwise Val Vallat -University Dermatology (also in Charlotte) specializes in ethnic dermatology.

  7. Dr. Willis in Atlanta, GA is the best. Alot of celebrites go to him. He’s very expensive, but very good. He doesn’t take insurance. First ofice visit with procedure will run about $400.

    In Charlotte, NC Dr. Thrower (I think that is his name) is very good, reasonable, and take insurance.

    Does anyone know of someone in the Boston area?

  8. Dr. Val Vallat is my current dermatologist here in Charlotte, NC. I am currently seeing him for treatment of acne and scalp issues. He is very personable but I think he i too quick to attribute any scalp issue that an African-American woman has to damage by relaxers. My stylist and I take very good care of my hair and it is quite thick and healthy. I have had this issue when I was natural also-thus I question his theory…. ( I am dealing with periods of extreme scaly scalp and resulting hair loss around the front hairline and temples. I have been diagnosed with everything from seborrhic dermatitis, mild psoriasis, etc. I I am currently trying to locate a black female dermatologist in Charlotte. I am hoping to get find a dermatologist with a better understanding. Can anyone provide any leads?

  9. Though I suspect I may have something other than a bad case of seborrheic dermatitis, Dr. Vallat has prescibed 2 steroid based topicals that have provided some relief of the extreme scaling, red, irritated soreness I experience on a periodic basis. Maybe they will work for some upon discussion with your doctor. They are as follows;
    Olux: a foam mousse. It alleviates the symptoms in a relatively short period of times, but applying a product containg alcohol presents a few issues for me. If the area is irritated it stings. Secondly, an alcohol-based product dries my hair out, causing me to have to apply more moisturizing products to counteract.

    Clobex: a spray solution. Clobex is very effective-it reduces the scaling with one application for my issues. This is great as I hate to have spent money and time at the salon only to have a great style ruined by flakes a day or two later.

    I hope some of these topical solutions can be of help. They are a better solution for black women.(I know how fustrating it is to deal with the various symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis on a long term basis.) My dermatologist pointed out that the medicated shampoos do not maximally benefit those that do not shampoo their hair on a daily/frequent basis. We just don’t have a need to wash our hair as much because our hair is yypically not as oily as a Caucasian/European person. These alternative solutions allow treatment of the scaly/red/iritated areas without having to excessively wash,dry,restyle, etc., our hair. Good luck!

  10. I’m a 30 year-old african-american female and I’m completely bald from the right top side of my head to the bottom and the left is starting to go bald with similaries of my right side. I’ve been to two different dermatologist both were white males and they were no help at all. Could you please recommend me a african american female doctor that specialize in hair loss Jacksonville, FL or a close surrounding area.

  11. Could I possibly have a listing of African-American dermatologists in the southern california area, preferably in the Los Angeles area?

  12. I am looking for a dermatologist who does hair restorations and specializes in african americans in the Atlanta Georgia area.

  13. I am looking for an african american dermatologist in the cleveland, ohio area that can help with laser hair removal or recommendations on getting rid of shaving bumps. Thank you.

  14. I am looking for an AA female dermatologist that will get rid of the moles that often grow on AA females as they get older. One dermatologist was advertised in the Essence magazine years ago but I no longer have her info. I remember that she resides in Maryland, near the DC area. I live in VA Beach but I’m willing to travel. Thanks

  15. Dr Beverly Johnson in DC is great! She comes highly recommended and takes insurance! Look her up…Can someone post an AA derm in Atl???

  16. I believe the dermatologist in Maryland who was featured in Essence Magazine was Dr. Valerie Callender. Her office phone number is 301-249-0970. Office address is 12164 Central Ave., #225, Mitchellville, MD 20721. Excellent doctor! She treated my daughter’s seborrheic dermatitis and removed my girlfriend’s moles. I highly recommend her but be prepared to spend a good amount of waiting time in her office. Her office is usually loaded with patients but I think she is worth the wait.

  17. Dr. Susan Taylor did nothing for my. I would not recommend her to any one. I am still searching for a good dermatologist in Philly.

  18. Hello All,

    I’ve talked to and been treated for facial hair and dark spots by dr. battle and couldn’t be happier I paid 200 per session for laser hair removal on my chin so keep in mind this place is not cheap but worth it

    Cultura’s founders are two noted academic physicians, Dr. Eliot F. Battle, cosmetic dermatologist and Harvard trained laser surgeon, and Dr. Monte O. Harris, (facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon). Visit us at:
    5301 Wisconsin Ave., NW
    Suite 110
    Washington, DC

    T: (202) 237-9292

  19. My name is Mike. I am an African American with a medium skin tone and I have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from acne that happened late Sept/early Oct from a few acne cysts. Where is an excellent African American dermatologist in Atlanta, GA?

  20. Hi my name is courtney i have really bad acne on my back,chest,and on my face very bad i have tryed so many things and things have changed for me with acne i just want to be back pretty again and find an african american dermatologists that can make me look like the person i did before

  21. I used to live in Northern VA and saw Beverly Johnson in DC for Hair Loss. She said it was due to a perm and my hair could no longer take perms and to go natural. I didn’t feel she spent much time with me.
    She gave me a hair oil that she makes and it seemed to help with the dryness in the winter. She said my hair loss would happen again. I ignored her and continued perms. One year later and the same thing happened. Hair loss, in the back all the way up to my left ear. I only have an inch after a perm. My top hair is covering though its devastating. I still don’t think its a perm and she really didn’t explain in detail why my hair all of a sudden rejects perms.
    She was the only one I heard of in DC. So my options were limited.
    Again the hair oil helped with the itchiness and dryness but I wasnt sure, perms was the real issue being that it didn’t happen until a year later and I had about 6 perms in between with nothing….
    I am in Charlotte now and its happened again. One day a full head of hair, the next thing I realize its gone!

  22. Hello,I’m a 42yr female looking for an African American dermatologist in Arkansas or the Memphis area will travel, please advise.

  23. Living in Tampa, Fl, am searching for a dermatologist for
    Seborrheic Dermatitis. Being a black female, Dr.’s perscribe shampoo’s that are not for black hair which matts (our) the
    hair and have to be cut off totally!!! There has to be some dermatologist that can help (us). At this time I have had to pull all the scaling completely off my scalp which has left me bald (4x within a year)…pls help…Have been to a black (male) dermatologist in Tampa, Fl and he has been no help. He can only perscribed 6 pills/$160.00 for itching and tar for my hair!! Blacks cannot use tar shampoo and he should have known better!!Signed, Help me (us)!!!

  24. Seeking an African American dermatologist in NYC or preferably Westchester County, NY for my daughter who has a problem with hairs that grow inward.

  25. Ladies
    I experienced balding, my shoulder length hair began to come out in handfulls. I couldn’t afford a doctor due to unemployment. However, I discovered my neighbors were breaking into my house whenever I left and contaminated my hair products (motion moisteriser(which I used every morning and every night) and shampoo, conditioner, and hair grease.) It took me over a year to figure out what had happened. So I take my products with me whereever I go. Yes, sometimes its frustrating… but worth it. My hair has grown back beautifully.

  26. I’m looking for a african american dermatologist that could help with african american skin. Im having problems with razor bumps and need help ASAP.

  27. i am looking for a black dermatologist in the connecticut area, i am having a problem with alopecia from the blood pressure pill i am taking. thank you for your help.

  28. I am looking for a african american dermatologist or a dermatologist that specializes in african americans or darker skin tones in the TN valley or Northern Alabama.

  29. I am 35 year old AA woman, living in the Detroit, MI. I’m so tired but optimistic that there is some AA Dermatologist that can help me with Alopecia. I have suffered so long, and I really need help. My hair is very thin in the center, I have some bald spots in the crown of my head, and no matter what I do my hair will not grow. I am willing to travel and pay (Top Dollar),although I have Insurance, for an AA Dermatologist that can help my hair grow and become healthy. Can anyone help me? I am disperate and sometimes wonder why me. I may sound sad because I am however I do believe in God, and know help is on the way. :)

  30. october 5,2010-1420p.m. I am a 61 year old African American female in Birmingham,AL with the problem of hair thining(crown)for sometime.A year ago this month I had a Stem Cell Transplant for MM,my hair is growing back beautifully but the thining is still a problem. I am very interested in locating a Dermatologist(African American)in Birmingham to help me with my problem.

  31. I’m in Savannah, GA and looking for an Africa American skin doctor. I’m suffering from ingrown hair and acne. Any recommendations.

    Thanks greatly.

  32. I’m in South Jersey right next to Phillie. I desperately need help with my skin because of yrs of facial hair removal products some if my skin has darkened. Never seen or heard of an African American dermatologist…..are they really out thier.

  33. Looking for a Dematologist in Orlando, Fl. or nearby. Seeking one who is African American or who is familiar with the type of skin. I am male who is getting light spots on my face. Thank you.

  34. I live in Hampton Roads, VA, I’m AA w/ two daughters both with facial hair issues. The dermatologists that was outstanding in her care was Dr Trehurn (unfortunately she passed away last yr). She got nothing but praises from her pts…there are no other black dermatologists that come close to her knowledge level or professionalism. I’ve heard of a male dermatologists in Atl (not sure of his name, but I’m searching)

  35. I have a now 12 y/o grand-son who was diagnosed with eczema at age nine months. He has been treated with many prescribed and non-prescribed medications and is getting worse. He sweats profusely with minimal sun exposure, his skin is dry and cracked from head to feet. I have been searching for an african american Dermatologist in the Savannah, Ga area. I don’t think this is all Eczema and now it is affecting his self-esteem and his progress at school. Please help me give my grand-son a better life

  36. I am looking for an African American or African Dermatologist in the Nashville, Brentwood, Frankin, TN and surronding areas.

  37. Here’s some extra info for those seeking an African American Dermatologist in their city. Go to:

  38. After reading some of the comments regarding hair loss, I started thinking. My question for some of the woment that are experiencing this is: Have you considered that it might be hormonal or related to an endocrine disorder. The reason that I ask this is because I experienced severe hair loss that could not be explained by a dermatologist. After consultation/treatment from an endocrinologist, my hair loss became “normal” and I now have a healthy head of hair..I just wanted to share my thoughts in the hope that it will point someone in the right direction.

  39. Black Dermatologist in Houston Texas

    Dr. Kendra Salazar – Sugarland TX (Southwest)

    Dr. Milton Moore – Central, TX (near loop)

    Dr Seymore Weaver – Houston, TX (South Loop)

    Dr. Temitope Soares – Spring, Texas (Northwest)

    Dr. Theodore Rosen (not black/african race but specializes in African American Dermatology) Located at Baylor University Clinic and at Veteran’s Hospital. He is also a traveling professor so difficult to get an appointment…I’ve tried.

  40. Hello,Desperately seeking an African American Dermatologist in the Savannah Ga. area…will consider any Dermatologist who is familiar with Ethnic/Black scalp/skin problems which is resulting in loss of hair in various places…eyebrows and fine hair on face…the areas varies in size but always leave the bald area very sore for a couple of days.

  41. Hi. I am looking for an African American Dermatologist in the Jacksonville, FL area. I am looking for treatment of eczema, dermatitis & keloid removal. Thanks!

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