If I Get Transplants, I Want a Perfectly Straight Hairline

So, I’m one of those losers losing his hair at 24 :(

I hear that after you get hair transplants you will always have a hairline that looks like it is receding. I do not want that- I want the hollywood straight nice hairline.

Is this possible with hair implants if I find the right surgeon?

Please advise

Thanks kindly

Block Quote

DraculaGenerally, transplanted hairlines should not be perfectly straight. To be completely normal you need a transition zone between the forehead and the thicker hair with a gradual appearance of hair, not an abrupt Count Dracula hairline (see right). With that being said, I will transplant a straight “Hollywood” hairline (as you call it), but it will take some convincing that what you want is reasonable and natural. Had I transplanted Dracula’s hairline, I suspect one night when he woke up, he would realize that he was a Vampire. That’s ok for Dracula, but not for one of my patients.

I decided to show you photos of patients that look perfectly natural with a transplanted mature hairline, as opposed to the straight across hairline you’re asking about. They say that pictures are worth a thousand words, so here’s 17 thousand for you…

For what it’s worth, I noted that your location was in Northern California. NHI will also start working out of Oakland next month and I expect to have a Sacramento office shortly thereafter.

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