Plucking White Hairs Causes The White Hair to Spread?

I am 21 years old and I have about 15 white hairs around my temples… I used to have about 3 or 4 last year but a lot of stress over this past year has spread the white hairs. I have been told that plucking out the white hairs will cause for the white hairs to spread. Is this true? Also, are there any spray on dyes or temporary touch up dyes that are available on the market? Any information would be helpful, thanks!

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Plucking hairs produces traction alopecia and may cause permanent loss of the hair if you persist on doing it. Plucking hair in one area will NOT cause hair to be lost or gray in another area. You will almost certainly see more white hairs over the years. I would put my money on genetic causes, not stress.

As for hair dyes, you should ask your local hair stylist.

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14 thoughts on “Plucking White Hairs Causes The White Hair to Spread?

  1. I have been told that a new treatement for white hair would have been discovered in England. It would take a daily pill and your hair could be black again. Would somebody tell me if it is true?

  2. hi, am 18 years old i have more than 8 white hairs on my head and i wonder is the white hairs will spread over the years because last years i found only 5 white hairs. furthermore, is the white hairs genetic, is it bad to have them, and how would you prevent to have them.

  3. i’m only 15 and i have a bunch of white hairs! my sister used to have a bunch too, but then they grew black because she started sleeping earlier, eating healthier.. i used to only have very little white hairs, but now i have a lot.. i also sleep very very late so i’m tryign to change that habit and hope my hair will grow black!!!! :(

  4. i am 27 years old and i am facing 2 problems. one is of baldness and other is i have white hairs on my chest and beard. plz suggest me. am in mumbai any one to be consulted for this plz do suggest

  5. I have 6 Grey haris and I am 22. and stressed about my hair. I’m not sure that I ca go on. What am I to do withmyself? I think I may have to resort to a profesional dye job. I don’t know if my pride can take it. shall I just shave my head now? Input welcome :)

  6. Yo kids, I,m 32 now been going grey since I was 14…..don’t worry about it…you’re just gettin a head start on every one else. Most people who know you don’t even see it….ican understand the urge to dye it but you’re starting something ,that; once you start it’ll be noticeable later on… true to you man ….. hair colour doesn’t make a difference… least…that’s what I tell myself… good luck

  7. I’m 17, i’ve got black hair. In the past 3-5 months i’ve started to get white hairs randomly (head) and the numbers seem to be increasing despite plucking them.

  8. hi guys, i understand what all of you are living now with these white and grey hairs. I started having 4-5 white hairs at the age of 15..then 15 white hairs at 19 years old. At 25, i had like 30 or 40 white hairs. Now i am 30 and i am practically bald and i have a bunch of white hairs on each side of my head. I resorted to shave my head, instead of coloring my hairs. My brother and sister also have premature white hairs but i got more than them. I admit that i live a very unbalanced life (sleeping all the time after midnight at 2, 3 or 4 oclock) and i recognise that i got pretty much stress these recent years. And i also increased smoking with the stress… Well, i would advise you the following if you are motivated and have the resource for it:
    1. eat healthy
    2. do sports
    3. decrease smoking or quit
    4. think positive to fight stress and mentally fit.
    5. take some supplementary vits B.

    By doing the above, if your hairs continue to grow white, you will know that your not to blame yourself for it! All you’ll have to do then is to learn to live with it. And remember, white hairs is not a reason to be unhappy in life :-)

  9. Its me again..gino
    I forgot to tell you something. If stress is the main reason for whitening your hairs, then you should stop thinking about your hairs as the thought of it is extremely stressfull…just forget it and live your life!

  10. i am 18 years old and i have a lot of white hairs.. hundreds of white hairs.. :(( i dont know what to do to prevent it.. please help

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