Stimulate Chest Hair Growth?

Chest Hairis there a product out there to stimulate chest hair growth?

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No. If you are under age 30, you might be having delayed chest hair growth which might yet appear. Give me more details, like your age. I assuming that you are male — chest hair on women is not exactly socially acceptable in our society, of course.

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25 thoughts on “Stimulate Chest Hair Growth?

  1. im 26 yrs old, i like to have hairs on my chest i have hairs around my belly and nipples but no hairs on chest, what is the best things should be used for hairs growth

  2. i am 24 year old man. i have two three hairs around my nipple.
    all others are empty. i just want to have a reasonable amount of hair on my chest.
    now it is like breast not chest.
    please advice me

  3. i am 24 yr old, i have hairs around my nipples and in the centre of my chest i would like to have dense hair on my chest please advice me what to do

  4. This is a proven method. Mix 1 part toothpaste (regular toothpaste. not the fancy ones) and 1 part mayonnaise and spread it to the are where you want to grow hair. Do this every night for 7 days straight. Do it before you go to bed. On the second week switch toothpaste with egg white and apply this every night for another 7 days. During this time you will start to see small patches of hair growing. Rest for 7 days without applying anything and consume lots of fatty foods, brocoli, and beer- this will spike up your testosterone level. Repeat process.

  5. Attention Everyone above:
    For those of you who want chest hairs, here is the proven method: WAIT 5 YEARS.
    I know in America these days, patience has become less and less of a virtue but you need to wait it out.
    What you need to grow are a pair of balls, not chest hair.
    If you’re too insecure with yourself to have a bald chest, then you need help that goes beyond a website.
    Yours truly,

  6. I’m very much interested in not only having a hairy chest, but I also want to have a hairy stomach. I workout and it seemes like most guys want a smooth body to make their muscles appear more defined. I don’t think having a hairy chest and stomach will keep my body from looking muscular. I’ve seen hair men with amazing muscular bodies. I do have some chest and stomach hair… I would like it to be much thicker. Please advise me as to what I can do to increase my chest and stomach hair. I don’t want to do anything that will put me in danger of having a stroke or heart attack, like rubbing too much minoxodile on my chest and stomach.

  7. im 24 yrs old, i like to have hairs on my chest i have hairs around my belly and nipples but no hairs on chest, what is the best things should be used for hairs growth

  8. I don’t know but i think god has forbidden me to be like all other “NORMAL” guys…everyone in india get beard ,my friends,techies,bus drivers…even beggars..but i don’t.
    I know i am a scorpion and i hae a high sex drive but since i don’t get beard and hair on my chest i consider myself not worthy to talk to girls as they would think i am still a kid..God you have betrayed me after so many years of trusting you…you made me abnormal…i will never get any girlfriend as nobody wants a guy who cannot grow facial hair…GOd can’t believe i am writing this..i being an engineering student..that too in the final year..Ya me a loser engineer who got did not give the guts to talk to my love Fowzia–I lost her i could not even speak to her i guess it would be good if i don’t live…as a loser a no self confident person…

  9. hi
    i am 25yr old,i have no hair on my chest,i have no mustache nor beard can please advice something to get rid from this situation

  10. sir,

    i am 24yrs of age. i have on my chest scarce growth of hair. i read your post that for under 30 it may delay. could you plz give an advice on making its growth faster

  11. try to BON haircream to growth the hair on your chest rapidly.

    or,..try to eat by your hand and after wash your hand, lend your hand on your chest. Try it,..its work for me!

  12. What you all need to do is the following: Take a spleen of toad and heart of a sparrow, blend them together for 5 minutes with a glass of Chardonnay, and then add some cumin. Take the solution and leave it for 5 days. After 5 days take the liquid and apply it liberally to your chest and hop on one foot in a counter-clockwise motion for 10 minutes, and then clockwise for 5 minutes. After this is done slap your chest with a dead fish. Repeat this every day for the next 20 years and you should get chest hair.

  13. Hi everyone… to start with don’t panic. I know that girls specially during high school find guys with hair in their chest very cool and hot but that is not the end of the world. Basically having a hairy chest is also about genetics and there are very few thing you can do to grow hair.
    Me for example when I was 25 years old, had not quite hairy legs nor chest… for me it was a very late process. I was married at my 32 and had almost no hair in my chest. I am now 38 and have quite hair in my chest. My wife alwasy tells me that she used to like me with no hair. For me it was just a late process. For others will never happen. One thing that do help is to shave your chest 1-2 a year. If there are hair cells there, the new hair will appear darker and probably will activate more growth. The downside is that you have to be very careful of the areas you shave otherwise hair could even grow on your shoulders! For all the guys out there… you have to understand that when ladies grow up they start to look at other aspects in men and a hairy chest is not a priority. Look at Brad Pit not even 1 hair and almost the entire female population in this earth would like to go to bed with him. Hope I’ve helped. Cheers

  14. hi am 18 years old i have hairs around my nipples but no hair on my chest. My mate is the same age as me his chest is hairy will i get chest hair

  15. hi am 20 years old i started to get chest hair when i was 16 and still at school my chest is very hairy. most lads get chest hair between 15 to 18 years of age some dont get it until their in their 20s some dont lad dont get any chest hair

  16. hi i am 22 years old and till now have bare chest. all my classmates and even my brothers younger than me have good bushes on their chest and belly but i feel embarrsed for not having good thick chest hair as i have on pubic area.please tell me the fastest solutions for it as i am desperate to have them all over my body to show that i am also a man

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