Eyebrow Conditioner Caused My Eyebrows to Fall Out

Hi, I’m 22/M and have had thinning eyebrows for the past 6 months. I used a product called Brow Boost “conditioner” from Billiondollarbrows.com that was suppose to thicken eyebrows and promote new growth. After using the product for a week I was seeing new hairs growing in and old hairs getting thicker. Then on day 8 my eyebrows started to fall out. I discontinued use of the product 3 days ago and I’m still loosing eyebrow hair and eyelashes as well. The manufacturer gave me no help they could only say that “its extremely rare to loose your eyebrows using our product”. Can you please give me some advice, short term and long term? How long am I going to keep loosing my eyebrows for?

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Conditioners usually have one or some of the following ingredients: moisturizers, reconstructors, acidifiers, thermal protectors, glossers and/or oils. Some of these will add small molecules to the hair shafts. I don’t know what the contents of the conditioner you used on your eyebrows are, but they shouldn’t cause any permanent damage to hair. It is difficult to say whether you are losing hair due to this new conditioner or this is only prolongation of your baseline loss. If any doubt, stop the product and hopefully your eyebrows will grow back in a few months. A series of autoimmune and genetic causes may be responsible for loss of eyebrows. If your eyebrow doesn’t grow back in 8-12 months, you can consult a hair transplant surgeon. Hair transplantation works nicely on eyebrows, but it has the disadvantage of growing longer than the normal eyebrow hair (since it is moved from the back of the scalp) and the hair must be cut every few days.

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