Taking Biotin to Prevent Hair Loss?

I am a 22 year old male, and have just recently started noticing minor thinning in the front of my hairline. Male-pattern baldness runs in my family. I consulted a stylist who told me that taking a supplement with Biotin can prevent hairloss. I am not worried about regrowing any hair, as it isn’t a problem yet, only maintaining what I currently have. I ordered 3 month supply of Provillus, which contains both Saw Palmento and Biotin. My plan is to see if it has any effect or not. Is this a good approach and also what else could I do if this doesn’t help?

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Why experiment when we know that if the diagnosis of genetic hair loss is confirmed, then finasteride works? Every day, every month, and every year you experiment, you will allow your irreversible hair loss to get worse and worse and worse and worse. Stop playing Russian Roulette. Biotin is no answer to your problems, unless you are deficient of biotin.

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  1. Dear Mr Rassmann,
    After having read a few questions and your respective answers on this forum, I have now decided not to give provillus a try, however I would like your recommendation to my hear loss problem?
    Thank you in davance.
    Yours cincerely.

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