Bumps on the Head After Hair Transplant

it’s been like 6 weeks after my hair transplant..and i had using this hair product and starting to notice that are some bump on my hair…(grafts) don’t know if i should still use it or not?

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If you have bumps on your head, you may have folliculitis and should see your doctor. Generally, after 3 weeks you should be completely normal and can resume whatever you normally did before the hair transplant. Folliculitis or cysts in the scalp are most often caused by (1) remnants of the previous hairs that were not shed but put below the skin or (2) pieces of the sebaceous glands that are putting out sebum below the skin and collecting below the skin, or (3) grafts that were placed too deeply or piggybacked one on top of the other from inexperienced or less than fastidious team members placing the grafts.

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