Burned Scalp, Missing Hair

about 2 months ago i had a seizure and i hit my head on the radiator in my bathroom. it looks like a long pole and it was burning hot, to the point where you cant even put your hand on it for more then 3 seconds. i became unconscious and i dont know how long the back of my head stayed on it. needless to say i didnt feel any pain when i awoke so i know i must have damaged the nerves because im also a nursing student and i learned about 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns. that day the spot became very red and then it started to char and it took weeks for it to start peeling and there was some fluid in there. the size is about 2 half dollars in a circle. i dont see it growing back and i dont think it will either because its extremely smooth and like i said its been 2 months already. my question is what can i do for it and if i need surgery what kind of surgery? how much does it cost and where do i go? thank you

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You burned your scalp 2 months ago and as of yet you have not grown any hair there. You have a blister on the burned area, which means you had a 2nd degree burn there. As a general rule, a 1st degree burn is superficial and does not involve hair follicles, so they usually don’t cause permanent hair loss. 3rd degree burns are deeper and usually damage the entire hair follicle and cause hair loss, and they may also damage nerve endings and cause numbness in the area.

In your case, with a 2nd degree burn they are in between and may or may not damage hair follicles permanently. You have to wait for about 6 months and by then if you are not growing hair in the bald spots you may want to consider hair transplantation. At that time you could be evaluated to see what could be done for you if the need is there. For now though, my suggestion would be to just wait it out.

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  1. I have a patch baldness on the front left side (left side of hair line)on my head. I have gotten burned there a few years ago by anitfreeze, fresh from the car radiator. The result was after a good half hour, the skin began to peel off at the spot the antifreeze touched. I was wondering, will my hair ever grow back again or do i have to take another route to solve this issue? I have another issue, I am losing hair on top of my head, I do not know why it is happening but I want to solve this issue too. It is said that it runs in the family. Do you have any suggestions in solving both problems? If so please inform me along with prices. Thank you.

  2. when i was 3 year old , some front part of scalp is burned in roadtar accident..still hairs not grown that part, can you suggest me what i do.? so that hair can grow on that part

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