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Would it make sense to get me “only” back to a higher NW 3 instead of a mature hairline (a forelock with partially receding sides), so as to preserve more hair for a possible follow up hair restoration in the future, or is that not the way it is done? I look at pictures of actor Nicholas Cage, for instance, who was clearly balding 10 years ago into what appears to be my current hairline, but who now has a decent hairline that looks like a NW3. It looks quite natural and very subtle.

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Nicolas CageThere is a long story where patients were polled to find out if they would have a preference with hairlines that are high. Those with a normal mature hairline looked better and the patients themselves prefer that look. The mature hairline has a slight corner recession as its natural look — it gives a convex look to the hairline.

Disclaimer: I have no direct knowledge of Nicolas Cage’s hair.

This is purely speculation based on photographs that I have seen, but I am under the belief that actor Nicolas Cage has had hair transplant or uses some scalp coloring agent to make his hairline very strong. In his case, it seems to me that the hairline is clearly not in the correct position and it is very straight without a good transition zone. I disagree with you that it is “quite natural” and if you look carefully at the picture, you will see what I mean. Hair in the high position should be a finer quality of hair, reflecting the thinning process that goes with genetic balding as the hairline rises. His high hairline does not have finer hairs, which draws the attention when looking at his face — my eyes go directly to his hairline, which for its position is far too strong. There is a negative connotation in the minds of many people when they they can detect a transplant. Saving hair for future transplants just to go to a higher than a normal location does not frame the face well. It draws the eye to the hairline. My goals always include having a hairline that no one pays any attention to. I personally think that a thinner, lower hairline looks more natural that a high, stronger hairline.

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