Why Do I Have a Patch of Thin Hair Above My Right Ear?

Dear Doc,
I have been experiencing hairloss for the past 8 months. I still have a good amount of hair it’s just become alot thinner. My problem is that on my right side about 4cm above my ear I have a patch that has gone extremely thin. It’s not bald but it looks as if someone has got a pair of clippers and shaved a chunk of my hair hair off – it looks rather odd. The other side is fine. Why do think this has happened? Thanks.

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Some people have a different genetic trait in the area above the ears. It is usually on both sides and frequently present for a long time. There are a variety of hair conditions that can cause patchy hair loss or thinning. You need to see a good dermatologist for an examination and an opinion. You should also get your hair mapped out for miniaturization to see if this is happening in other parts of your scalp.

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