Washing Your Head in Urine Causes Less Hair to Fall Out — True or False?

i do not mean to sound inappropriate or anything, and i am not trying to be foolish and silly. but- i heard that urinating in the bath tub and washing your hair in it can cuase less hair to fall out? Doctor, i was definitely not planning on trying this; but my hair is beginning to fall out more and more everyday. I do not know what to do? Could this so called “solution” work, or is it just a silly rumor? sorry if i sound inappropriate or anything like that, but like i said, i do not mean to. Thank you for your time=]

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ToiletI do not think that you are inappropriate. As a matter of fact, people have tried everything over the years for conditions that had no known treatment and even trying a mixture of potato and sulfur powder, mixed with heated, old urine on their head is not an exception. Yes, you read it right. Your question ignited my curiosity and after some research I found this site that tries to explain all medicinal properties of the urine. Urine therapy in this website is claimed to be effective for treatment of many medical conditions including inflammatory conditions, trembling hands and knees, scurvy, deafness, sore eyes and numbness of skin and many other medical conditions. Gargling with urine to which a bit of saffron has been added is claimed to be helpful for treatment of all kinds of throat inflammations. That being said, I wouldn’t recommend pouring pee on your head… but that’s just a personal opinion.

I think instead of trying exotic remedies for your hair loss problem, you need to get hooked with a good hair specialist. You need a thorough evaluation for proper diagnosis of your hair loss condition. After having the diagnosis, you need a master plan including medical or surgical treatment for management of your hair loss.

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7 thoughts on “Washing Your Head in Urine Causes Less Hair to Fall Out — True or False?

  1. I am on urine herapy since 6 months, i see very good results,i dont loose hair as before after applying urine message on my scalp

  2. Varsha , have you noticed any regrowth . And how often do you apply it , and how old should the urine be ? I’ve heard great thinks about this I’ll try it but i thought the urine should be ass fresh as possible.

  3. Its nice to come across this topic. I want to know if truly an old urine could be mixed wit any body lotion to achieve body lightning

  4. I have a friend who washes his hair with urine. Something works because his hair looks he uses shampoo. I think he drinks it for some reason because his breath sometimes has a amonia type odor. No one knows about the hair but must suspect something because his nickname is “piss boy”.

  5. I want to know that how may time should apply urine on scalp in head in a week. Only scalp massaging is sufficient for long and growth for hair or I should wash my hair with urine on a week. What should I do for exactly to get long or bouncy hair.

    Do the needful as soon as possible by answer through my email.


    S. Das

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