Using Minoxidil with Dyed Hair?

I was wondering if you have your hair dyed (darker shade), would minoxidil affect the hair coloring. I know some people say dandruff shampoos affect hair that has been dyed. I already use Propecia, but I was told that maybe a combination of Propecia and Rogaine (minoxidil) might help more. The problem was that the minoxidil generic liquid (i’ve seen you say the Rogaine foam may be less irritating), it seems to cause itching (have been losing some hair from it “shedding”, i guess, but hasn’t been a full two months, as you stated sometimes may last, ie. “shedding” from minox). I’ve already been on Propecia for over a year, but thought would try minoxidil again, but the itching makes wish to use anti-itch dandruff shampoos (but I swear they alter the dyed hair color, and tend to make it more orange, lol, like Brad Pitt’s),to be one of the largest databases and referrence sites, you’re a geni I thought maybe if I tried the minox again without the dandruff shampoo (since scalp already dry) and maybe a more oil-based conditioner might help dryness itching. Also besides whether the minox alters dyed hair color, I was wondering if the itching itself was bad (it is not severe itching and tolerable), would just having mild itching be enough irritation in itself to cause hair loss? Both me and Brad Pitt would like an answer to these questions if possible, lol, couldn’t find anywhere on internet mention of hair dye color affected by minoxidil.

Well thanks for any info or help, this site is great, you’re a saint, I’m sure eventually this is going us!

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Your question is a bit confusing, so I’ll break my answer down into a few key points —

  1. If minoxidil is causing your scalp to itch, then using dandruff shampoo will not solve the problem. Minoxidil can cause skin irritation in some people. Dandruff can be made worse if you have an allergy to minoxidil.
  2. If you have irritation and itching of your scalp, perhaps you have a scalp/skin problem (such as psoriasis, head lice, ringworm, etc) or sensitive to chemicals (such as hair dye or minoxidil or any other products you put in your hair). You should see a dermatologist for this.
  3. Minoxidil in combination with Propecia may have a slight advantage over using one product alone.
  4. Dying your hair has nothing to do with the impact of either of these drugs (or vice versa).
  5. Minoxidil should not affect the color of your hair or hair dye.
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18 thoughts on “Using Minoxidil with Dyed Hair?

  1. I have used multiple products for my dandruff problem (Neutrogena, Garnier, Head and Shoulders etc) and Shielo Hydrate Shampoo has been the most effective I have found, from the first wash there is great relief, and a few washes afterwards it effectively clears up all the dandruff.

    I usually apply it twice in each shower to clean the scalp thoroughly. It smells and feels great on the head.

  2. Minoxidil DOES affect dyed hair at the roots of the hair, and yes orangey-brown would be a good description of the colour that emerged at the roots of my mid-brown hair. I let the dye grow out and now use a semi-permanent in a lighter shade of brown, but it fades very quickly. I don’t mind grey hair, but mine is so thin and fine, I’ve decided to go back to dyeing it (which ruffles the hair shaft and makes hairs thicker) but will have it done professionally with one of those dye jobs where the roots are left untouched, because the Minoxidil has no colour effect on my natural hair. That’s if I don’t just give up and buy a wig.

  3. Dear Rogaine Researchers, Manufacturers, Market and Sales. I was one of those women who began to lose my hair at age 29. Thank God, your product was available at that time. I have been able to maintain long and luxurious hair!
    My problem now, is as state above. The Rogain Spray has an alcohol base and, indeed, takes any color off the hair shaft, about 1/2 inch from my scalp. I am betwixt and between…knowing if I do not use Rogaine, I will lose the hair my “Mother” lost (and became bald). On the other hand, I, and many other women my age, are not willing to go gray/white as of yet! I pay a nice sum of money to have my hair done professionally, with 4-5 different shades. If I do it myself, and it is one shade, it is more than apparent.
    What are women my age, pre, during and post menopause, who need and use your product the most, suppose to do?! I was hoping that the Foam was “color friendly”…but it does not appear to be. Is there any way you can help with this problem? I am certain someone must have asked before, as the “Baby Boomers” are now in the market for BOTH, hair color and Rogaine. If you can research and market such a product, you will experience “booming” business, with the Baby Boom population…..One of the younger Boomers, Cathy..age 54!

  4. I started using minoxidil yesterday. I would like to know whether it is ok to dye the hair while using it and how to dye the hair and whether to not spray for a few days after dying etc or I can just continue normally. I got grey hair since 25 years and hair loss as well. So I need to use minoxidil and hair dye both. Thanks

  5. I am a 59 year old woman that recently noticed my hair getting really thin. My dermatologist did a biopsy and it definitely is inherited (my son went bald in his early 20’s). Well the doctor told me to use Rogaine and some cortisone medicine over it twice a day. I noticed it was striping my color so I switched to a permanent color and it is still lifting. Yes you can color while using Rogaine just make sure you wait at least two hours after you apply it. I did the morning ritual, then colored my hair about 5-6 pm and comtinued the ritual in pm. I hate having to do this but pray it works. I would love to figure the color issue. Probably dying my hair every two weeks would be too good for a thinning head of hair. I am going to start some good vitamins so I am praying those help along with hormones . I also lost pubic hair, which the do yor claims is part of the issue

  6. I was searching to find if others experienced brassiness using Rogaine and brown hair dye. My last two color treatments have gone a weird dark orangy color. My technician swears she changed nothing. So, I wonder if it is the Rogaine.

  7. I agree with Sally. It strip the color from dyed hair. I can barely make it 3 weeks without silver roots showing again. I have been using CVS brand for 3 yrs now. CVS topical hair regrowth solution, 5% for MEN. Yes, for men & I’m a woman. My dermatologist said men and women’s scalps are the same. It works and is the top rated of all store brands. 3 month supply I’d $39.99 & I usually use a 25% off coupon.

    1. Does Strip colour. Wash hair/dry before colouring. Don’t apply after colour day. Wash with gentle shampoo every 3-4 days. To give a fighting chance. I have chocolate brown and red highlights and notice uneven colourjan

  8. Organize has turned my dyed ash blonde hair into brassy red where I have used it. People keep asking me why my bangs have turned red. I tell them it must be my cos,ethics but it is the Rogaine.

    So please, do something for us baby boomers who need all of of hair and don’t want to be gray!!?

  9. I’m 60 and I’ve been using 5% men’s foam Rogaine (advised by my Derma, since the women’s liquid iritated my scalp) for several years now. I really hope someone from the makers of Rogaine cruises this and other boards for women losing their hair.

    Rogaine does ABSOLUTELY take dye color off. Within 2-3 days after professional or home coloring, my hair starts getting very brassy/reddish. Always the center top of my head, right where I put the Rogaine. The rest of my hair does not. I’ve gone to different salons using different brands of color to no avail, so dye brand is not the problem. I use sulfate-free shampoos, so that’s not either.

    I would think, given the comments all over the web, that the makers would address this issue. I’s bad enough to be losing your hair, but to pay to grow it, cut it, and color it, it’s just wrong that what grows it causes color loss so very quickly and therefore more cost.

    Please Pfizer researchers, come up with a new formulation that’s won’t strip the color!!!

  10. and from the Mayo Clinic:

    Do not use any other skin products on the same skin area on which you use minoxidil. Hair coloring, hair permanents, and hair relaxers may be used during minoxidil therapy as long as the scalp is washed just before applying the hair coloring, permanent, or relaxer. Minoxidil should not be used 24 hours before and after the hair treatment procedure. Be sure to not double your doses of minoxidil to make up for any missed doses.

    To apply minoxidil topical solution:

    Make sure your hair and scalp are completely dry before applying this medicine.
    Apply the amount prescribed to the area of the scalp being treated, beginning in the center of the area. Follow your doctor’s instructions on how to apply the solution, using the applicator provided.
    Do not shampoo your hair for 4 hours after applying minoxidil.
    Immediately after using this medicine, wash your hands to remove any medicine that may be on them.
    Do not use a hairdryer to dry the scalp after you apply minoxidil solution. Blowing with a hairdryer on the scalp may make the treatment less effective.
    Allow the minoxidil to completely dry for 2 to 4 hours after applying it, including before going to bed. Minoxidil can stain clothing, hats, or bed linen if your hair or scalp is not fully dry after using the medicine.
    Avoid transferring the medicine while wet to other parts of the body. This can occur if the medicine gets on your pillowcase or bed linens or if your hands are not washed after applying minoxidil.

  11. Heya i’m for the primary time here. I found this board and I in finding It really helpful & it helped
    me out much. I hope to present something again and help others such as you aided me.

  12. I have been using Rogain foam for 10 weeks. The good news is…it is working. Visible new hairs are already blooming. The bad news…it really does take the color out of permanent hair color AND turned my fingernails orange. I spoke with the representative (nurse) at Rogaine and she never heard about the fingernail issue. I did, however find another woman online with the same problem. I won’t discontinue using it but I now were gloves when I apply.

  13. I am 46 and my hair is falling out on the crown. Ugh! I started using Rogaine a few weeks ago, and YES, it does make colored hair fade. Mine is a brassy orangey shade now. I guess go lighter with the hair color?? After chemo, my hair grew back an ugly brownish color. I can’t have thinning and ugly hair.

  14. I came here because of hair dye reacting to minoxidil. I’ve let my hair go grey, but I have to face it – it doesn’t really flatter my skin tone. I was hoping to find there’d been a fix for the problem. :(

  15. Hi,
    I’ve been using monoxidil for a couple of weeks and I am ready to dye my roots. Thus will be the first time since starting treatment. This blog is very helpful. I have been using some powder coverage on my gray roots from Madison reed and it works great. It doesnoff when sleeping. It does get wet with monoxidil but doesn’t change color.

  16. Sorry, it doesn’t come off until you wash least it is something that works in between. I’ll see how this goes once I color. So nervous.

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