Nawaz Sharif had a hair transplant? As the news channels are showing him every hour after the unfortunate killing of Ms Bhutto, I noticed how drastically un-bald he is compared to just a year ago!

Here’s him a couple of years ago – ForumPakistan

Here’s this month’s photo – ABC Australia

Digging around a bit, I found media has already gotten the clue. Pakistan’s top newspaper Dawn reports
“They share one inexplicable self-indulgence; both have had hair transplants that make them look younger in the eyes of every beholder except their electorate.”

I know ex Prime Minister of Italy Berlusconi had had a transplant. Does that make Mr Sharif the second state leader? Seeing Berlusconi lose the election so badly and Mr Sharif’s general
lack of mass support, HT may not yet be that “effective” for our leaders :)


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Interesting comments and photo research. Thanks for sending this in. To answer your question, I really don’t keep track of which state leaders have had hair transplant procedures, but if any readers have examples, feel free to leave a comment. It would certainly seem that Nawaz Sharif had some form of hair restoration. I do not know for sure though, until he publicly acknowledges it. The photos speak for themselves, however.

I’ve put the photos you sent side by side for easier comparison below:

Nawaz Sharif
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