Broccoli Inhibits DHT?

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While this study is from 2003, I never saw it on your blog, and thought the readers (and you, if you have not seen it already) might be interested:

Chemical in Broccoli Blocks Growth of Prostate Cancer Cells, New Study Shows

Apparently, Broccoli contains a substance which this UC Berkeley study showed “acts as a powerful anti-androgen” and “inhibits the actions of dihydrotestosterone (DHT).” Based on your reading of the study, do you think consuming Broccoli may help prevent/slow hair loss?

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BroccoliJust another benefit from eating broccoli. Not only does it have high amounts of vitamin A, C, and K, according to this review, it may also help in preventing prostate cancer. You may be able to reason that since it blocks the effects of DHT on the prostate, then it can also prevent/slow hair loss.

However, based on the article, and without rigorous research, the conclusion that broccoli can prevent or slow hair loss is yet to be determined.

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