Transplanting Only to the Temples

I have a question. A couple of years ago I lost a bit of hair around the temples but this process seems to have no progress at all. I shave my head.. well only to about 3mm, have very thick hair. My question is as follows, If I got these temples fixed to get a straight hairline would a buzz cut be appropriate ? would it look natural ? I’d be grateful for your reply.

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Frontal hair loss can be fixed to near-perfection with a hair transplant, provided that you are a candidate for it. That would include such checklist items as:

  • your age
  • your miniaturization mapping of your scalp
  • your expectations are realistic

If you come to any of our free monthly open house events, you will meet some men who have completely replaced the frontal hairline to what I call perfection.

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Antioxidants and Free Radicals

Although this post isn’t hair loss related and it is about an article that is nearly 2 years old, this is an important read for those who buy into the antioxidant solution to anti-aging, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and the like. The question raised here is whether you can get these antioxidants from pills or do you have to get them from fresh fruits and vegetables?

Snippet from the article:

Cranberry capsules. Green tea extract. Effervescent vitamin C. Pomegranate concentrate. Beta carotene. Selenium. Grape seed extract. High-dose vitamin E. Pine bark extract. Bee spit.

You name it, if it’s an antioxidant, we’ll swallow it by the bucket-load. According to some estimates around half the adults in the US take antioxidant pills daily in the belief they promote good health and stave off disease. We have become antioxidant devotees. But are they doing us any good? Evidence gathered over the past few years shows that at best, antioxidant supplements do little or nothing to benefit our health. At worst, they may even have the opposite effect, promoting the very problems they are supposed to stamp out.

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Full text at NewScientist — The antioxidant myth: a medical fairy tale

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Hair Loss After Using Clobetasol for My Seborrheic Dermatitis

Hi Dr. Rassman,

Thank you for spending time answering many young mens’ questions about hair loss. This website shows how dedicated you are to your profession, as well as your ability to give advice. I was interested in your opinion on how often to use clobetasol propionate for my sebborheic dermatitis. I have had breakouts off and on for 6 years now, with recent flareups being particularly bad.

My dermatologist, who is very well-regarded, said that as long as I use the corticosteroid every other and NOT everyday that I will avoid hair loss from the drug, even if I use it for several weeks and months in a row. After using the corticosteriod for 10 weeks every other day, the scale has retreated, but my hair has thinned extensively in these places. I also have excessive hair loss when the scales flake off; usually there is a lot of hair attached in the scale, both long and small. My question basically is: Am I, in your opinion, using the potent corticosteroid too much, and since I generally lose a lot of hair from places that I get scalp scales, is this hair loss from the corticosteroid or from the dermatitis?

I am a 24 year old male with a Norwood Class 3V hair progression and have also been taking propecia for the last six months. In the last month my hair has thinned excessively in places where I had scale even though I have not used the corticosteroid much at all. The last month I used it everyday was November, and it began to thin excessively in March.

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The chronic use of strong topical steroids (such as clobetasol) will cause hair loss. I wonder if your have psoriasis instead of sebborheic dermatitis, as that is what it sounds like to me, so ask your dermatologist about psoriasis. What you are asking me here is to render an opinion on your care for your treatment, something I can not do over the Internet.

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Sterile Spray on Scalp After a Hair Transplant?

Hello Doctor

What is the use of the sterile solution that one is supposed to spray his head with for three days after a HT? Is it just to hydrate the skalp or is it vital to transplanted graft surviving ? What happens if someone , for some reason , doesnt spray his head for several hours ? And how many hours could jeopardise the survival of the grafts ?

thanks for your time

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I’ve never recommend sterile spray for patients after a hair transplant, so if you miss your spray, I would doubt it will cause you any harm. I wouldn’t even know what the spray contains. Ask your doctor about it, as he/she seems to believe in it.

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Did the Laser Comb Damage My Hair?

Is it possible for a laser comb to do damage to hair or scalp? I’m female – senior citizen. I’ve been using laser comb for a couple months and my hair seems alot thinner, plus it goes in all different directions. I can’t seem to fix it anymore. I am not trying to put blame – a person with hair loss will try anything. I’m just asking for your opinion. If the comb has done damage, it is my own fault. Please answer. Could the comb be too warm for some people.

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I have not heard any reports that parallel yours. I personally do not feel that the LaserComb (or similar) does much more than line the pockets of the company’s owners.

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Estrogen Inhibitor Novedex XT and Hair Loss

Dear Doctor:

Let me first state that I have had an obsession with my hair loss for some time. I have been on Propecia, Avodart, Revivogen and may others in the hopes of saving or regrowing my hair. However, I am an extremely thin male (40 years old) with very little muscle mass. I am now getting quite flabby around the gut with pretty severe love handles. I am a gym rat, going to the gym at least 4 days a week doing both cardio and resistance training. My diet is extremely clean. I am attempting to increase muscle mass and decrease my abdominal fat, but have had zero results over the past 2 years. I have discovered a product by the name of Novedex XT, which is an estrogen inhibitor. From the research I have done and the people I have spoken to who use it, they say it is the best product they have ever tried to gain lean muscle mass. There is a pub med article on it as well.I wish I could provide the link, but it doesn’t point to the page. The bottom line is that Novedex XT increases Testosterone, free testosterone and DHT levels significantly. My question is this, would continuing to use Avodart reduce the chances of DHT related hair loss? I assume the DHT increases because estrogen is inhibited and both total and free testosterone is increased. This is not an anabolic steroid that uses some “unknown pathway” to convert to DHT. So, if I were to continue using Dutasteride, would this offset the DHT related hair loss? Here is the article from pubmed:

Willoughby DS, Wilborn C, Taylor L, Campbell W.
Department of Health, Human Performance, and Recreation, Baylor University, Waco, TX 76798-7313, USA.

This study examined the effects of an aromatase-inhibiting nutritional supplement on serum steroid hormones, body composition, and clinical safety markers. Sixteen eugonadal young men ingested either Novedex XT or a placebo daily for 8 wk, followed by a 3-wk washout period. Body composition was assessed and blood and urine samples obtained at weeks 0, 4, 8, and 11. Data were analyzed by 2-way repeated-measures ANOVA. Novedex XT resulted in average increases of 283%, 625%, 566%, and 438% for total testosterone (P=0.001), free testosterone (P=0.001), dihydrotestosterone (P=0.001), and the testosterone:estrogen ratio (P=0.001), respectively, whereas fat mass decreased 3.5% (P=0.026) during supplementation. No significant differences were observed in blood and urinary clinical safety markers or for any of the other serum hormones (P>0.05). This study indicates that Novedex XT significantly increases serum androgen levels and decreases fat mass.

PMID: 17460335 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE


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NovedexI get questions like this all of the time. Playing with your hormones could very possibly do damage, as these are off label uses of these medications. You can not stop the negative effects of the hormone blockers with dutasteride or finasteride, but you trying to do it anyway. Maybe one day you will learn what you are doing to your body and realize that it can’t be good with estrogen blockers and pushing your testosterone high to get in shape and impact the blubber that you have around the middle. I don’t mean to sound rude, but why not do it the right way, which is a good exercise program with a professional trainer working with you on your routine and your diet?

I also gleam another question: Whether the estrogen inhibitor will increase DHT to the point that dutasteride is rendered ineffective. I don’t believe that is the way it works, as this is a competitive inhibition process between the drug and 5 alpha reductase. It will still compete effectively for the receptor.

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Propecia and Frequent Urination

My question concerns an unreported side effect of Propecia that has never been discussed on this website…I really feel alone on this one and am really depressed about my circumstance. I am 17 years old and recently started taking propecia for my hairloss, but had to stop because it causes me to constantly unrinate and gives me a burning sensation down there (which cannot be tolerated). My doctor told me to stop taking the medicine because of this, but now I am at a loss for what to do to stop my hairloss. Have you ever heard of this and what do you suggest I do so that I don’t lose my hair? Thank you so much for your response.

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The usual report with some older men on Propecia is that their frequent urination (particularly at night) will decrease. This occurs because the prostate will frequently shrink on Propecia (finasteride 1mg) and in older men, swollen prostates cause urination problems.

From what you are describing, I would think that you have some other problem. First, you can stop taking the Propecia and see if your urination problem goes away. I would be surprised if it did. If I am correct, I would look for Chlamydia and other forms of prostatitis. Go back to your doctor after you stop taking the drug for a week, particularly if the problem persists.

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Fungus on Scalp

i had to move out of my home due to fungi spores outside home was over 5000 and was consuming the inside of new home also. i am very allergic and had to be put in hospital, i have been on flagyl for 3 wks now and i still have bacteria,and fungi internally and on scalp. is it normal to constantly pass black and red dots from scalp and is this scalp fungus? going bald,and intense itching for 6 months now. please give any suggestion. thank you so much

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It sounds like you have some serious issues. I would follow the recommendations from the doctor who is treating you. It is impossible for me to give you any medical advice over the Internet, as I am not your doctor. I can only give general opinions as a doctor. I do not know what “black and red dots” you are passing on your scalp, and I would have to see them to get an idea of what you’re talking about. It certainly does not sound normal.

Again, you need to ask these questions to your doctor who can actually examine and see what those “black and red” dots are. Sorry.

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L-Arginine Increases Growth Hormone — Is That Going to Mean Hair Loss?

I’ve seen all of the questions about l-arginine, and I even asked one before, but I was only referred to another answer which didn’t answer my particular question. I’ve heard that l-arginine increases growth hormone. This doesn’t sound too good. Does an increase in growth hormone mean hair loss is a possible result?

Thanks. I appreciate it.

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There are reports that L-arginine increases growth hormone secretion, but it is unproven. Throughout the internet, L-arginine is a suggested treatment for hair loss by promoting hair growth, but if this is true and it does increase growth hormone, I would worry about growth hormone induced hair loss. These two statements appear contradictory, but it does reflect complex interactions that are presented throughout the internet.

For more, see:

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Best Comb to Use on Thinning Hair?

What kind of comb is best for men’s hair…my hair is thinning. I was using Dupont Nylon comb — it is smooth and does not irritate. Then I switched to a Ace comb — it is ok, but after a few uses my scalp hurts. What’s best – nylon, rubber, or plastic…

Thank you.

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CombI generally recommend the use of a wide tooth brush or comb and not tugging on your hair when you groom yourself. Rough handling of your hair will cause you to pull out weak hair that may be in the process of miniaturizing. Hair loss from a comb or brush is a mechanical problem. With respect to material: nylon, rubber, plastic, metal, etc… there is no real clinical difference.

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