Minoxidil is Toxic to Cats

I’m been prescribed Rogaine foam by a hair loss expert, however I’ve read that it is highly toxic to cats, and as a cat owner this troubles me somewhat. Obviously I won’t be deliberately applying it to her and I’ll be keeping it in the bathroom, however as she is fond of rubbing her head against mine I worry this may cause some of the Minoxidil to transfer over to her.

Naturally I dont want her to be ‘off limits’ for the entire time I use the substance, so what are the best practices and habits I should develop to ensure that she is never exposed to the toxin? How long after applying is it safe to go near her? How cautious should I be?

Your advice is appreciated.

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CatIf you wash your hair about 1 hour after applying the Rogaine, I would expect that all of the medication will be washed off (it’ll be absorbed within that first hour), making it safe to be near your cats. Also, Rogaine is not a prescription item and is available over the counter.

Yes, the Animal Poison Control Center has stated that exposing a cat to minoxidil can cause death. It seems quite rare, however, as only 6 cases were reported over 4 years, with those cases involving the owner actually applying the medication to the cat’s fur, the cat stepping in the medication, or the cat licking the medication (source: NBC).

An abstract of the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center’s article can be found here — Suspected toxicosis after topical administration of minoxidil in 2 cats.

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