Birth Control Pills in Shampoo to Grow Hair?!

I was told by many of my friends that putting birth control pills in my shampoo & conditioner it would help my hair grow. Is this true? And if it is not true will it have any effect at all on my hair? I am worried because I have already crushed and put the pills in my shampoo and conditioner, and now I am afraid to use them. Please help me out

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Unfortunately, as I do not know the absorption of the hormones, I wouldn’t have answers to whether it would be absorbed through the skin, or what amount, etc. Many birth control pills can cause hair loss as an uncommon side effect, and I am not sure why you would put this in your shampoo. Where did your friends get their information? Word of mouth? Salon secret? This is really quite unusual. It is a blind process that probably will do no good and I’d even wonder if it would do harm. If you want the birth control pill in your system, best take it the recommended way. Some of it will find its way into the hair, but it likely won’t do anything for helping your hair to grow.

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6 thoughts on “Birth Control Pills in Shampoo to Grow Hair?!

  1. I went to my doctor and she actually prescribed me birth control pills for that purpose. So, YES I am sure that it works. I used my shampoo with the pills in it this morning for the first time. My hair use to come out so bad, especially after washing it, and after I used the shampo with the pills in it, almost no hair came out!! And this was after the first time! Try asking your doctor about it.

  2. I have been using birth control pills for about two years now and they do work on my hair. My hair grows faster and I know they work because when I stopped using them for a few months my hair did not grow as fast as with the pills. Also, don’t just put them in your shampoo put them in your conditioner too it is better because usually we do leave conditioner on our hair and scalp for a few minutes.

  3. It never crossed my mind to put the pills in my conditioner. I will try that too. I started using the pills a little over a month ago on my shampoo and is growing :)

  4. Do we have to put the whole pack o the birth control pill?.
    Also do we only have to use te white ones or just the bile ones or both?.

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