Using a Blow Dryer After Applying Minoxidil?

Blow dryerMinoxidil leaves hair wet and it takes some time for it to dry sufficiently to be able to apply hair styling product properly. Would it be ok to use a blow dryer soon after applying minoxidil to dry the hair quicker? My concern is a dryer would make the minoxidil ‘evaporate’ before it has had time to be absorbed by the skin. What do you think? Many thanks.

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I do not believe using a blow dryer will negatively affect the application of minoxidil on your scalp, but first just give the minoxidil a chance to dry on its own (10-15 minutes). You can try using the blow dryer on the low setting, but the evaporation will be mostly from the non-active alcohol in the solution and not the active minoxidil compound.

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