Will Hair Pulled Out With the Root Grow Back?

Hi Doctor,
Is it true that hair pulled out with it’s root will never grow back? Thanks

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MuggingA while ago, one of my patients was mugged in East Los Angeles (not a good part of town). As he was getting roughed up and his wallet taken, he was held by his hair (which was about a year out of his surgical procedure of 3000 grafts) and they broke his nose. After they got his money, they kicked him, pulled out his new 5 inch long hair, and he fell to the cement. The police and ambulance came and when they wanted to take him to the emergency room, he refused to go to the hospital and had the ambulance deliver him to my office, all bloody. Crying about his hair and the ordeal he’d just been through, he told me the story. I reassured him that the hair will grow back and strongly urged him to have his face sewed up and his broken nose attended to.

In most cases, pulled hair (from the roots) grows back. That man came back to see me 6 months later with most of the hair now growing out. He was very appreciative.

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5 thoughts on “Will Hair Pulled Out With the Root Grow Back?

  1. I had an incident over a month ago when all my hair was violently yanked by my boyfriends 3 year old. I woke up the next morning and started losing hair. Since then my scalp has been burning so bad that I have thought about suicide. The hair fall out is very noticable and is all over the head. It hurts to go outside and I have also developed a white substance on my scalp, almost like a coating that I can scrape off with my nails. It’s gross and waxy. My head has a wierd, painful sensation and I literally can feel the hair detaching from my head. I am so scared about what I have read on other sites. What is this sensation and how do I stop the hair from falling out? I have been to several doctors/derms and they said I’m fine. No one is listening to me! Please help! Any adivce? Thanks….

  2. i have had some micro-braids in the front of my hair for 3 weeks, and when i pulled them out large clumps of hair was falling out of my head!!!!
    im really scared because the hair in the front of my head looks transparent and the back is thick, how long will it take to grow back? Or will it grow back?

  3. Im a scientist mainly in human genetics and microscopic life. I was resently studying in the process that creates hair but the only way to analyze hair was by using my own. ( I know this will sound emo but Im a scientist so I did what I had to.) at first I would just pluck three hairs to examine a day. And it turned into an addiction. ( IF YOU Don’t like To HEAR ABOUT BLOOD, DO NoT CONTINUE TO READ) I then wondered how the scalp allow hair to penentrate the surface so I cut out a small part of my scalp to analyze ( I was carful, don’t worry I’m fine) then after about three days later I finished my experiment. The only problem is ever since then I can’t stop pulling out my hair. I came here
    to find how to stop pulling so far nothing has worked, does anyone have some advice that is not mean and please don’t use bad language.

  4. Hey want to die. I have the same exact symptoms, the burning and the scaly white scabs amlost. My hair was yanked by my abusive bf on numerous occasions. I do not have any answers for you. Wish I could find some.

  5. I have the same problem, and I’m really young. I started pulling, and next thing you know I have a bald spot! I’m devastated but it won’t grow back for a while. I’m in school, so just don’t know anymore

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