Hi Doctor,
Is it true that hair pulled out with it’s root will never grow back? Thanks

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MuggingA while ago, one of my patients was mugged in East Los Angeles (not a good part of town). As he was getting roughed up and his wallet taken, he was held by his hair (which was about a year out of his surgical procedure of 3000 grafts) and they broke his nose. After they got his money, they kicked him, pulled out his new 5 inch long hair, and he fell to the cement. The police and ambulance came and when they wanted to take him to the emergency room, he refused to go to the hospital and had the ambulance deliver him to my office, all bloody. Crying about his hair and the ordeal he’d just been through, he told me the story. I reassured him that the hair will grow back and strongly urged him to have his face sewed up and his broken nose attended to.

In most cases, pulled hair (from the roots) grows back. That man came back to see me 6 months later with most of the hair now growing out. He was very appreciative.

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