Bathroom lightsI have one of those panels right above my bathroom mirror with lightbulbs, and whenever I look at my hair in the mirror, the front looks like it’s thinning as I can see scalp. But my hairline is the same as it’s been since I was 15 (10 years ago) — no recession whatsoever that I can tell. And my hair does not seem to look like it’s thinning in the temples but rather in the general frontal area from temple across the middle and to the other temple. Furthermore, when I come out of the shower I comb my hair back, and then I take a handheld mirror, and bend over so I can see the top of my head in the mirror, the front of my hair looks like it’s thinner than the middle or back from the top view. From this description only, what would you make of this?

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When your hair is wet, you might have more see through hair. Also, as you age, some people get finer hair. Under direct light, your hair may appear thinner. It doesn’t sound like you have any hair loss, and I really can’t suggest anything for you to try.

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