My son is living in Mexico and he was recently diagnosed with a staph infection on the scalp. He had bumps that looked like blood filled boils that would drain and leave bald patches. He was given dicloxacillin but the condition did not improve. He was referred to a specialist who switched the medication to Augmentin, plus an anti inflammatory medicine as well as a topical cream. The main concern for my son is the infection but he is also very concerned about the bald spots that he now has all over his scalp. Does the hair usually grow back once the infection is cured?

Thank you for your time.

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Many of these infections have a course as you outlined with your son and often the hair will grow back after all of the infection is gone. He must wait a full year to see if there is regrowth. If not, a hair transplant is an option worth considering (I don’t know enough about his hair loss history, age, etc, to say whether he’s even a candidate though).

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