Increased My Finasteride Dosage and Saw Breast Enlargement

Hello. I have been using finasteride (1.25mg) for around 10 years and it has worked great. Recently however i started to notice an increase in shedding and increased my dosage (2.5mg). About 6 weeks later i unfortunately noticed palpable breast enlargement. I immediately went off the medication. It has been 3 weeks now and I have noticed very little regression, if any. My questions are: Will my chest return to its original state? How long does it generally take for regression to occur? Can I be off of finasteride for a couple of months without drastic consequences to my hair. Thanks for your time. I’m pretty depressed about this.

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Increasing your dosage of finasteride will not cause you to grow more hair, but it will give you a higher risk of side effects. Besides, you should discuss any changes in your medication regimen with your prescribing doctor. I do not know if your chest will return to its original size, but it should. Also keep in mind that breast enlargement (while a side effect of finasteride) may not be related and there may be another serious underlying condition. I’m not trying to turn the attention away from finasteride as a possible cause, but don’t rule out that it could be a coincidence. I would suggest you see your doctor to explore your options, your risks, and your benefits.

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